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...a Winner", We'll be exploring his music in this week's edition of Deeper Roots on KOWS and KRJF Community Radio for Sonoma County. Tune in on Friday mornings at 9 on...
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If You're Ready

Deeper Roots
Free form this morning, live from the KOWS studios in downtown Santa Rosa. Deeper Roots shares a rare mix of sounds including jug...
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...Ernie Ford, and The Byrds in the show today as our antenna work at the KOWS is about to move forward. Exciting times. Tune into KOWS radio on kowsfm.com/listen or download...
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...so we’re only going to do our very best in the show this morning on KOWS. Early blues from Ramblin’ Thomas, Texas Alexander and Bessie Tucker will take us into the...
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...and many others on a show that celebrates a giant of America’s songbook. Tune into KOWS radio every Friday morning at 9 Pacific for a new episode of a show that’s...
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...County Community Radio each week for Blue Moon Americana, broadcasting Thursday mornings at 5am on KOWS and 9am on KWTF. We’ll be spending some time covering the covers of tradition and...
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Money Talks

Deeper Roots
...one. We’ll be exploring music about money in this week’s edition of Deeper Roots on KOWS and KRJF Community Radio for Sonoma County. Tune in on Friday mornings at 9 on...
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Just like it says. KOWS DJ Dave Stroud of Deeper Roots and Blue Moon sits in for Saturday's I Hear...
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Eight to the Bar

Deeper Roots
...deeper wells. Join Dave Stroud for another Deeper Roots bright Sonoma County morning call on KOWS Community Radio.
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...boys to good news and bad news on a fresh collection of the vintage, on KOWS radio: Free Speech. No Bull. Community Radio for West Sonoma County.
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Hot weather this week and we’ll be sweatin’ out the oldies in the KOWS Studio this coming Friday. Summer may be just around the corner but we’re running hot...
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...country and rock covered by some of the modern Americana performers that you hear on KOWS Community Radio’s Blue Moon Americana each week (and mornings at 5). Tune in for Jason...
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Summer Songs

Deeper Roots
...summer wages, summer rain, and summer love this week on Deeper Roots, recorded at the KOWS studios planted square in the Cherry Street District of Santa Rosa.
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...runs, trains, and happiness spiced with instrumental punch. Tune in on a Friday morning on KOWS Community Radio for some oddball tunes from John D. Loudermilk, Bob Gibson, and Chip Taylor...
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