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...Bamboos - Tears Cried - feat. Kylie Auldist - Tru Thoughts Jukebox (3:52) 11. leandri sur-langage 2 (2:23) 12. leandri sur-langage 3 (1:14) 13. leandri sur-langage 1 (1:30) 14. JD McPherson...
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...DJ SEROM EP132 FERGIE - Love L.A. KID INK / USHER / TINASHE - Body Langage T.I. / MIGOS - No Mediocre (GRANDTHEFT Remix) MIGOS - Fight Night (LAMBO Remix) WARREN...
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...PHARAON / TYGA - What You Want KID INK / USHER / TINASHE - Body Langage ISHOWOFF / SEAN KINGSTON - Ain't Built For This JAMIE FOXX / 2 CHAINZ -...
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...est populaire le language Swift de Apple? http://thenextweb.com/dd/2015/12/08/how-popular-is-swift-its-already-the-number-one-language-on-github/ Swift passe en version 2 et Opensource http://www.lemondeinformatique.fr/actualites/lire-apple-passe-son-langage-swift-2-en-open-source-63198.html Apple n’est plus le premier fabricant mondial utilisant l’open source: http://macbidouille.com/news/2015/12/08/apple-nest-plus-le-premier-geant-de-lopen-source Apple montre une tendances...
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Word nerd Anne Curzan and Doctor Who homework for the overachievers

nerdettepodcast@gmail.com (Tricia Bobeda and Greta Johnsen)
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A Gaggle of Geese, A Pride of Lions, A School of Fish, and More Collective Animal Nouns

Food for Thought: The Joys and Benefits of Living with Compassion and Purpose
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SciFi Tech Talk #000188 - Arrival

Julie Kuehl, Jeff Syer, Mike McPeek
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