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Leon Blanda

Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina
Leon Blanda is a comedian from New Orleans, Lousiana.  He bends Dave's ear about government conspiracies...
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Leon Todd Interview

A Podcast Dedicated to Sharpening Your Skills as a Guitar Player
Australian Guitarist Leon Todd joins us to talk power trios, gear and learning from gigging. Jon agonizes over...
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...own heart here at Deeper Roots, shining bright like that old harvest moon. We lost Leon this past week and his family lovingly announced his passing with the following prose deserving...
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...one spooky looking dude, one of Oklahoma's favorite sons, Claude Russell Bridges, better known as Leon Russell. Join the gang as we celebrate the distinctive piano stylings of a legend of...
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Ep 34: Leon Everette

Ep 34: Leon Everette
RCA RECORDING ARTIST/ACTOR/ENTREPRENEUR Leon Everette was a successful RCA country music recording artist when he walked away from the music business...
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Flux : Planet Money
Leon Bridges grew up listening to Usher, but his music suggests influences a generation removed. The...
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Nardwuar vs. Leon Bridges !

CiTR & Discorder Magazine
Nardwuar interviews Leon Bridges (Fort Worth, TX) ! Doot doo !
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TMS Musicos welcomes to the show, Carl Leon. Guitarist for such bands as Shelly Lares, Patsy Torres and most notably, Emilio Navaira. Carl...
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Flux : SpyCast
...one of the most notorious intelligence operations of all time—the assassination of exiled Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky in Mexico in 1940. Keith reconstructs the operation in all its phases, including material...
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#653 Anxious Anthems & Leon Bridges

jimdero@jimdero.com (Sound Opinions)
...to hear what songs make them nervous. Plus, the hosts sit down with soul singer Leon Bridges. Leon's latest album, Good Thing, marks his transition into an adventurous new sound. Support...
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Flux : The Treatment
Faith is what got Andre Leon Talley through decades of intrigues and betrayal in the world of high fashion. The former...
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