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This week our correspondent joined Emmanuel Macron on his visit to China. The French president is stretching his diplomatic wings, and has...
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He won a landslide victory campaigning on it, but like French presidents before him Emmanuel Macron is struggling to push through his grand pension reform; we ask why. The belief in...
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Emmanuel Macron, France’s president, was already battling the flames of national protest when fire broke out at...
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The French election and the future of Europe

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Flux : To the Point
Emmanuel Macron won yesterday's election over Marine Le Pen, but nationalist populism is alive and well —...
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...the week for the annual NATO summit, where he fought openly with French President Emmanuel Macron about policy toward ISIS. Macron was caught on camera having an incredulous conversation with Canadian...
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...Donald Trump block attempts to end the war in Yemen? Plus: the man behind Emmanuel Macron’s election victory leaves the Élysée, Serbia’s opposition boycotts parliament and Paris’s first international wine fair.
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"Hunger Games", le jeu du drame

Flux : Blockbusters
durée : 00:04:34 - Blockbusters - par : Frédérick Sigrist - Emmanuel Macron a dit qu’il n’était pas facile d’avoir 20 ans en 2021… Frédérick Sigrist est d’accord,...
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Donald Trump accuses his political opponents of treason, Emmanuel Macron flexes his muscles on the European stage and Monocle’s Petri Burtsov brings us the news...
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...ambitions and ask whether nations should be allowed to strip jihadists of citizenship. Plus: Brigitte Macron goes back to school.
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Why has Saudi Arabia’s relationship with the US deteriorated so rapidly? We also discuss Emmanuel Macron’s presidential-approval rating, Russia’s ambitions in the Arctic and the naming of a giant panda cub...
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...in response to the country’s worst mass shooting. Plus: Germany’s biggest banks mull a merger, Macron unveils anti-rioting measures and Japan’s space agency teams up with Toyota.
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A look-ahead to a crucial Brexit vote in Westminster, Emmanuel Macron tries to ease tensions with the ‘gilets jaunes’ and China’s attempts to become a top-class...
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Monday 2 July

Monocle 24
What do we need to know about Mexico’s new left-wing president? We also discuss Emmanuel Macron’s attempts to reform French culture and take you on a tour of one of Vienna’s...
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...Syria withdrawal that was supposed to be imminent? Also in the programme: French president Emmanuel Macron’s continuing struggle with the yellow vest protests and the latest in the UK’s Brexit debate.
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...Kenosha government official, speaks to us about a violent week in his city. Plus: Emmanuel Macron’s road map for Lebanon, Rolls-Royce reports a record loss and we voyage through Albania’s music...
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