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...also a Mountie, reported the alleged theft of evidence. So what happened next? Reporter Jessica McDiarmid tells the story of 16-years of entropy and indifference within the RCMP.    Host: Jesse Brown...
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On this inaugural episode of Simply Scottish in podcast form, host Andrew McDiarmid speaks with his father, Andrew McDiarmid Sr., about the experience of starting and producing a...
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In this special un-scripted episode of Simply Scottish, host Andrew McDiarmid talks about the first father's day without his father, watching Sean Connery on the big...
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...work with top-level players. I delve into my experience with a fantastic drummer named Ryan McDiarmid and his work ethic. All Things Music www.jasongoldmanmusic.com @spicygmusic Learn more about your ad choices....
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...music! Enjoy a mix of classic songs and brand new tracks, handpicked by host Andrew McDiarmid. Featuring Deacon Blue, Capercaillie, Eddi Reader, Salsa Celtica, Iain Fraser, Simon Thoumire, and David McGuinness....
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...We'll discuss what the phrase "Simply Scottish" means, and you'll hear from Andrew's father Andrew McDiarmid Sr. as he shares memories of a childhood Christmas in Scotland in a clip from...
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