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Avertissement : contenu lié aux pensionnats et à la colonisation La visite du pape pour la présentation d’excuses aux peuples autochtones a provoqué diverses réflexions autour de l’histoire du...
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Today on the show we Sven Pape. Sven is an A.C.E. Award-nominated editor who cut for James Cameron, Mark Weber, Joseph Gordon-Levitt,...
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...that time again, your TBTL week in review! The one and only Boston Mother F*&$^er Bobby Pape joins Christy "live" in our Western Washington studio as we dial up Jail dude on...
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Flux : Nerd Out Loud
Mike Frizzell and Bobby Pape from the Little Red Bandwagon podcast take the helm for this special Star Wars edition...
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...also enjoy a great selection of Celtic music from Liz Carrol, Niamh Parsons, Jean-Yves Le Pape, and others!
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With Christy out of town, friend of the show and cat-roller extraordinaire Bobby Pape steps in to attempt and fill the Christy shaped hole in all our hearts. Our...
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...hair out, because Mike Frizzell, Wagoneer Michelle Zinkevicz and Bobby “has all his limbs still” Pape are heading back to the age of Butt Rock via a TBTL segment from the...
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Flux : Nerd Out Loud
NOL guerrilla podcaster and long time friend Bobby Pape stops by for a special holiday edition of the podcast. Our very own tipping expert...
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... | 8. | CS Cleaners, | Wash Me  | 9. | Funcle Duncle, | Happy Papee  | 10. | Michael, | The Road  | 11. | Pig Bros, | War Food...
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1.Bauhaus,Dark Entries 2.The Moonlandingz,Neuf Du Pape 3.Alien Nosejob,Television Sets 4.Guillotines,My Girlfriend Is Back 5.The Table,Do The Standing Still 6.B-Movie,Remembrance Day 7.Cathy...
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