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...Forces, members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, members of the Calgary Firefighter Department, medical personnel and others who are directly or vicariously impacted by traumatic events. She routinely engages in...
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...beloved Miss Mercy, my compatriot arm in arm GTO band mate! Once was not enough.... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_GTOs#Personnel For more on Miss Pamela including her writings, appearances and more visit: https://pameladesbarres.net This show is...
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...who would my NFL team take in the draft if they needed military equipment or personnel?" type of show. You know. The usual.
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This week we're joined by Brett Weiss, author of Encyclopedia of KISS: Music, Personnel, Events and Related Subjects. Check it out!
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Flux : Sector 0
...Fouhii: Jonathan Jane Hutiwow: Dave Morgan Deiss Shwee: Evan Tess Murray Carl: Brad Colbroock Military Personnel: The Entity Known as Sam Additional Voices: Glory Duda, Harry Tanning, and Tal Minear
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Cello Fury

Voice of the Arts
Pittsburgh's cello-rock quartet Cello Fury (formerly Cellofourte) has released its first CD since the personnel and name change. The award-winning acoustic group will play on March 18 at Duquesne University's...
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Over The Edge - "The Quantum Church" [Personnel = Don Joyce, Dan Ruderman, Nick Herbert, Richard Lyons, David Wills -------- Originally aired on...
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Flux : The Business
...hit, he started using his skills to devise and manufacture reusable face shields for medical personnel. West, the founder of LA Face Shields, shares his thoughts on the future of Hollywood...
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The Canadian Armed Forces sends aircraft, equipment and personnel to help first responders and residents devastated by the wildfires that have engulfed a large...
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Flux : Puck Soup
...Player Safety; and welcome the great Rachel Doerrie to discuss her time in NHL player personnel evaluation, sports science and trying to change the game. Plus, a Puck Soup Thanksgiving Parade...
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...The Canadian Armed Forces release its first ever doctrine which spells out how officers and personnel should handle child soldiers.   RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson expresses his force's frustration with the...
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Under The Classic Rock - Yes

Under The Classic Rock
...original drummer, once described the band as Multi-cultural and Multi-Ethnic… he was not describing the personnel of the band… but the musical influences of the band. Yes pulled elements, and actual...
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...into the old wing of the hospital, now a maze of ancient files and obscure personnel—clutching a styrofoam vat of cafeteria coffee, a donut balanced atop it. He wore jeans and...
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Flux : Bombshell
...They then return to some of their greatest hits including transition process, civ-mil issues, and personnel policy replete with process details and holiday movie analogies. Stay through the end to hear pop...
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Flux : Bombshell
...we dive into the Modi visit, late night Syria shots, and Defense Department recruiting and personnel issues. We wrap up with questions from the audience and a blast from the past:...
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