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Flux : The Menu
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Flux : The Gist
...has chronicled Eastern Europe's unstable relationship with communism, democracy, and Vladimir Putin. She's based in Poland, and we wanted to get her perspective on NATO, Progozhin, and Putin's next move. Plus,...
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We look at all things about Poland today, well, actually probably 0.000001% of things about Poland and we're not even sure if...
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Integration or isolation? Conservative family values or liberal ones? The knife-edge election will decide Poland’s direction for years, and will send a signal to populist leaders throughout Europe. We examine...
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Poland's government has been trying to nobble the courts for years. Now the European Union is...
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...the first hour of the show, joining me from the 2nd hour is Vidno from Poland with a superb selection. Vidno – DJ / producer from Poland, member of the Audiobar...
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...ZBT we've got 4 rounds in the magazine ... Round 1: A missile exploded in Poland and there was a LITANY of reporters (us included kinda) that said it was Russia...
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...of which they are a part. Radek served as foreign minister and defense minister of Poland, as well as speaker of the Polish parliament. He has also been a visiting fellow...
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By shutting off gas to Poland and Bulgaria, Russia has made an aggressive move that may draw yet more European sanctions....
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Flux : Up First
...in Gaza continues as new evacuation orders are issued. Around 1,000 trucks wait at the Ukraine-Poland border as a Polish truckers blockade protests the lack of shipping regulations. A Georgia judge...
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Flux : Woman's Hour
Poland's top court has ruled that abortions in cases of foetal abnormality are unconstitutional. Poland's abortion...
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