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Samhain Samhain III November-Coming-Fire For Corey Robertson
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CMP Special 15 Samhain 2009

Celtic Myth Podshow
Rowan of the Wood story and all about the Hag Goddess This is the Samhain Holiday Special featuring 6 wonderful pieces of music, a fantastic section of the Celtic novel...
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Celtic Halloween and Samhain #230

Marc Gunn, Damanta, Stout Pounders, StoneRing, Before the Devil Knows Your Dead, Sylvia Platypus, Coyote Run, David Nigel Lloyd
...days away from October 31st which marks the Celtic Halloween here in the US and Samhain for the Celts. Enjoy some amazing indie Celtic music from Ciana, Donal Clancy, Bat Kinane,...
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Ep. 171 Eerie Von (Danzig, Samhain)

Joshua Toomey / Eerie Von
Flux : Talk Toomey
...speak with the legendary Eerie Von. Eerie was the original bass player of Danzig and Samhain. Eerie and I discuss the backstory to the debut Danzig album. Eerie talks about the...
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Hallowe'en traditions though the years In this Hallowe'en or Samhain Holiday Special we bring you two fascinating accounts of Samhain traditions: one modern and one...
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...information on the divinatory meanings associated with each tree.   Names Used in this Section Samhain Halloween Oiche Shamhna Oiche na Sprideanna Sean-Shamhain Samhuin Hallow E'en Calan Gaeaf Galen Gwaf Kala-Goanv...
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...more about Aline.   Hallowe'en We also discuss some of the meaning of Hallowe'en or Samhain to the Ancient Celts and quote from Thomas Rolleston's book Myths and Legends of the...
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Halloween and Samhain special of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast featuring Irish Celtic music from Scott Boswell, Dom...
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Bakko sits down for a long chat with Eerie Von of Danzig & Samhain. In part one they discuss how Eerie came to shoot the early days of the...
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Danko sits down with SAMHAIN members, London May & Steve Ling to discuss the 30th anniversary tour for Initium. Brand...
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I vant to thank London May from Samhain for hanging with me today. Here’s what we played: Foetus “Halloween/Turbulence”, Anti-Nowhere League “Dance of...
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