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213 Superhero Fatigue?

Planet Broadcasting
...Fallout 25:38 Avatar 2 update 27:53 Aquaman air bubble talk 33:09 The Punisher, Runaways & Superhero Fatigue 1:25:37 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read 1:30:40 - 1:38:15 Doomsday Clock spoilers 1:38:...
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Planet Broadcasting
...The Weekly Planet! And to celebrate we just do a regular episode and repeat the Superhero Showdown thing we do occasionally. Plus we talk Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2, Steve Rogers...
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Planet Broadcasting
...The Hulk appear in Civil War? Plus we get back into our much requested episode, Superhero Showdown! Or whatever it was called last time. Pitting hero against hero, enemy against enemy...
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Vol 10 - Superheroes

Hawk & Cleaver | A Digital Story Studio bringing you the best new stories to watch, read, sniff, and absorb.
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331 Superhero Showdown 7

Planet Broadcasting
...with ExpressVPN at https://www.expressvpn.com/weeklyplanet We back and in fully fledged quarantine madness for a new Superhero Showdown! Also news of Disney Plus blurring butts, Quibi, Sam Raimi on board for Doctor...
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254 Superhero Showdown...6?

Planet Broadcasting
...use the promotion code PLANET at ShipStation.com. This week it’s time for a brand new Superhero Showdown in addition to trailers for Creed 2, Fantastic Beasts 2, Holmes & Watson, Fantastic...
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The much requested Superhero Showdown episode makes a return where we pit your favourite comic/movie/tv characters against each other...
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Top 5 Jewish Superheroes

Spider-Dan And The Secret Bores
...of #Hanukkah I thought I'd celebrate the fact that without #Jewish creators there wouldn't be superhero comics, movies, video games etc. So to show my appreciation, I'll be listing my Top...
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Vol 76 - Superheroes II

Hawk & Cleaver | A Digital Story Studio bringing you the best new stories to watch, read, sniff, and absorb.
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You know the scene. A pair of muggers are in an alleyway when a superhero leaps down and beats them to a pulp. It’s a classic scenario, but in a...
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Mexican wrestling (aka Lucha Libre) has a lot in common with the superhero genre, but trying to be a superhero in real life has its own set of...
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353 – Scientists and Superheroes

Jay Edidin & Miles Stokes
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Flux : MinuteEarth
...restoration action - and get involved - visit RESTOR from the Crowther Lab at https://restor.eco. Superheroes - imaginary and real - aren't all that super on their own...here's why. LEARN MORE...
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Gary From The Backyard Superheroes

Talk The Ska Radio Podcast
Flux : Talk The Ska
...future winner of the 2018 Talk The Ska Best Everything Award, Gary of The Backyard Superheroes! We talk about their upcoming album "Never Give Up, Never Surrender", Cheap Trick, a little...
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