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...Let's drop some acid, burn some bridges & let our freak flag fly because Butthole Surfers' PAUL LEARY is here! Listen in as Damian talks to the Texas guitar god about...
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CLIP: Buddhists, Nuns, and Surfers

Southwestern Family of Podcasts
...earth that every one of us has experienced every week, plus what Buddhists, nuns, and surfers have in common (according to neuroscience). Hear Steven’s full interview across Episodes 431 and 432...
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The Surfers Stomp has hit Octane Radio,What a huge collection of Surf tunes from Chrome Oxide that...
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Michael McCleary of Surfer Blood

Blake Wyland & Sound Talent Media
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...traditional Hawaiian vocal stylizations and sweet harmony. Easy listening for your next luau! Listen: The Surfers at High Tide on AppleMusic The Surfers at High Tide on Amazon More information: The...
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More of Chrome Oxide Surf Instro Show.This is part 2 to the Surfers Stomp episode. For more info go to www.chromeoxide.com and you can catch our live feeds...
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Far from being a nostalgia act, INSECT SURFERS play guitar-fueled instrumental rock for tomorrow - today! The 50's and 60's stylings of such...
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Chrome Oxide records LIVE at the South Bay Surfers Stomp. Band included in this episode. Pacific Headhunters http://www.myspace.com/thepacificheadhuntersrock Longboard Ranch http://www.longboardranch.com/ KELP http://www.kelpsurfband.com/ Chrome...
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The Butthole Surfers were known for their early outlandish shows, but (no pun intended) they're so much more...
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