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...Instagram: @TexasMusicPodcast Email us: texasmusicpodcast@gmail.com Support us on Patreon! www.patreon.com/tmspodcast Artist of the Week: Volcán @MusicaVolcan www.musicavolcan.com www.texasmusicspotlight.com
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Texas Music Spotlight - Imagine Sessions with Volcan
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...bonappetit.com tomorrow. Get the recipes from this episode: Duck Carnitas Tacos With Radish Escabeche Pork Volcanes al Pastor Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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Super Volcano!

Bunker Buddies
...We've got a real super episode for you folks! Like, REALLY super! It's got a Volcanic Eruption Index of like an 8! Maybe even a 9! This episode is all about...
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...Aviation expert from Australian Aviation magazine. He joined Nick and Kayley to talk about why volcanic ash clouds aren't good news for planes. 
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Episode 704 - Joshua Loyal

Rock Paper Podcast
...his work with festivals, 2720, Pop's Blue Moon and now his new adventure with El Volcan. We also talk a bit about his new CBD Space opening next door to Pop's...
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Swipe Out
Flux : Swipe Out
...and Jody talk to Alix about meeting at a party and we find out what volcanic ash does to your skin when Alix tells Chris about her date with a cool dude...
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Ep319: Dave Tice - Buffalo Revisited - Pt 2

Ep319: Dave Tice - Buffalo Revisited - Pt 2
...plans Live shows and opportunities Buffalo Revisited Who owns the rights to Buffalo music currently? “Volcanic Rock Live” from Ripple Music Why Buffalo records are so collectable Pre-order Buffalo Revisited "Volcanic...
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Ep318: Dave Tice - Buffalo Revisited - Pt 1

Ep318: Dave Tice - Buffalo Revisited - Pt 1
...recording fast How Dave became a singer The power of Dave’s voice The recording of Volcanic Rock Controversial album covers from Buffalo Pre-order Buffalo Revisited "Volcanic Rock Live" here. Extended interview...
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...of the week.  We've also got some hot rockin' tunes from Man Or Astro-man?, The Volcanics, Tijuana Panthers, Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited, The Delstroyers, Humanga Donga, The Surfrajettes, The Beths, Underwater...
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How Volcanoes Work

Volcanic eruptions are destructive and often newsworthy events, but why do they occur? What are volcanoes?...
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Catching A Wave 8-14-17

Catching A Wave 8-14-17
...Dick Dale, Freddy Cannon, Terry Anderson, The Lively Ones, Southern Culture On The Skids, The Volcanics, our weekly trivia question and more!   Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A...
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The complex at Lalibela was excavated from volcanic rock about 700 years ago, and has been in continuous use since then. It's connected...
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When Mount Vesuvius erupted in August of 79 AD, Pompeii was buried in volcanic ash and rock. As time passed, Pompeii was forgotten. Learn more about the catastrophe that...
Medium 9215211dc62866689123a82d1340c4bdf8115a71
Explosions are ramping up on Hawaii’s Big Island this week, as the Kilauea volcano continues to spew lava and blow a 12,000-foot plume of ash into the air. The...
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