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One hundred simple fish sauces. Sixty-five ways to cook mackerel. The Catching of Unshelled Fish. Twenty-seven ways to Cook Frogslegs. Now that should certainly make you reach...
One hundred simple fish sauces. Sixty-five ways to cook mackerel. The Catching of Unshelled Fish. Twenty-seven ways to Cook Frogslegs. Now that should certainly make you reach for your apron and fish knife! How to Cook Fish by Olive Green is a vintage culinary classic, filled with simple, easy to follow recipes rendered in a terse, no nonsense style. There's none of this fiddling with scales, weights and measures. What you get is a mélange of interesting, unusual ways to cook seafood without worrying about lists of ingredients, timings, temperature or any of the conventions followed by traditional cookbooks. If you've read that old Victorian favorite, Lavender and Old Lace (which was later adapted very successfully as Arsenic and Old Lace) by Myrtle Reed, you'd certainly be interested to know that the author had an equally successful career as a writer of popular cook books. Writing under the pseudonym Olive Green, Reed published six very successful books on cooking. However, from 1898 to her suicide in 1911, she continuously published at least one novel every year. The books are romantic and highly emotional in nature, full of unrequited passion, revenge, mystery and supernatural happenings. She also wrote a collection of stories about important women who made a difference to society. In between, she wrote pamphlets, married her Canadian pen-pal, suffered severe and debilitating bouts of insomnia and engaged in charity work. Her cookbooks are characterized by interesting tips on home making and the art of cooking, peppered with literary nuggets and quotations, witty remarks and anecdotes, all of which make How to Cook Fish not just an excellent recipe book but also an interesting and entertaining read. She also provides lists of what fish are in season during particular times of year, thus ensuring that the cook uses only the freshest of ingredients. How to Cook Fish is divided into 45 chapters. The One Hundred Fish Sauces are arranged in alphabetical order, starting with “Admiral Sauce” and ending with “White Sauce.” In between you have recipes for “Brown Tomato Sauce” “Sicilian Sauce” and other such unusual concoctions. Under the chapter One Hundred Miscellaneous Recipes you have items such as Fish a la Brunswick, Chartreuse of Fish, Jellied Fish Salad and many other great variations. This is indeed a great addition to your kitchen library and the clear, simple way in which the recipes are presented would tempt even the least adventurous of cooks to try a hand at one of these delicious sounding creations.
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Groovy & Funky
A groovy, funky, soul excursion with ... the Stylistics, Delfonics, Intruders, Chi-Lites, Sam Cooke, Al Green, Aretha Franklin, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Minnie Riperton, Otis Redding, Roberta Flack,Tower of Power, The Moments & more! Broadcasting from Los Angeles, Ca...KPFK 90.7fm. Online @ kpfk.org Your host: teddy Angelo Robinson
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DC Drop - DC Movies, TV, and Comics News

DC Podcasts - DCEU movies, TV, and comics
DC Multiverse News - Movies, TV, Comics
The quickest and easiest way to stay current with news and reviews for DC movies, DC TV shows, and DC Comics. The hosts cover all the relevant news that fans need to know to stay current while adding analysis and speculation. Plenty of time is spent on DCEU movies and animated films for characters like Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Green Lantern Corps, Suicide Squad, Justice League, and Dark Universe. We also cover the expanding DC television universe shows The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, Lucifer, iZombie, Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing,Krypton, and Black Lightning.
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Musicgoat Melting Pot
If you like variety and you like to mix it up, you have come to the right place. From metal to country to old standards to indie and EVERYTHING in between its all in play here. Chances are that if you like any of the following artists you are going to like many of my podcasts. Bruce Hornsby, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Beatles, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Radiohead,Tim LaRoche,Stone Temple Pilots, Audioslave,Coldplay,Led Zeppelin, The Who, Joe Cocker, Ozzy Osbourne, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings,Bob Dylan, James Brown,The Allman Brothers, Peter Gabriel,Sheryl Crow, Tom Petty, Sarah McLaughlan, Staind, Santana, Bob Marley, Guns and Roses, AC/DC,Alice Cooper, Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Lennon, Pearl Jam, Al Green, Duran Duran, Supersuckers, Nirvana, Louis Armstrong, The Rolling Stones, David Gray, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Alice Cooper,Sting,Neil Young,Dave Matthews,Phil Collins, Queen,U2, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Prince, Velvet Revolver, Lynard Skynard, John Denver, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Motley Crue, Def Leppard,The Doors, jimi Hendrix, Ben Folds, Beck, Alice in Chains, Stevie Nicks, Aerosmith,David Bowie.
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commercial dance & house 电子音乐 ハウス・ミュージック
Dance, house, electro, disco..etc what's my style??..I like all kind of club music, ..put into the housemartin machine and make the mix. And what's the only aim of a dj???? ¡¡¡MAKE PEOPLE DANCIN'!!No matter how... I've been doing since 1988 ...ALL MATERIAL POSTED HERE IS ONLY FOR PROMOTING MYSELF AS DJ... INDIVIDUAL TRACKS ARE NOT ALLOWED...IF YOU LIKE A SONG, PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTIST AND BUY HIS MUSIC... Podcast dedicado a Ricky. El dj mas impresionante que he oido en mi vida, residia en una de las mejores discos del norte de España ¿su secreto?:era capaz de mezclar todos los estilos, de manera que entre dos temas houseros se podia colar una cancion de los 70, de los 80 o incluso un rock & roll.Todo mezclado con tal sincronizacion y perfeccion, que no te podias creer lo que estabas bailando, desde entonces ¡ODIO LA MONOTONIA! ¡¡y como no!!..tambien dedicado a Reyes y Baragaño,que me dieron carta libre para hacer lo que me diera la gana. Tags: music club deep house disco future house vocal house ibiza dance electro house housemartin tech music pacha green valley yalta fabric space London progressive space ministry london Madrid techno electro موسیقی رقص 日本 الموسيقى الإلكترونية электронная музыка เพลงแดนซ์ gay pride Гей-прайд غرور همجنسگرا EDM Matinee Barcelona
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Celtic Christmas Greetings

Celtic Christmas Greetings
Celtic Christmas music and stories
Celtic Christmas Greetings is a 12-part series highlighting the music and stories of Marc Gunn in regards to Celtic Christmas music, songs, holiday wishes for the Celts of Ireland and Scotland.
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Gay Girls in Paradise

Théâtre Électrique
Mars Underground :: ©MaasNeotek.com :: 2038 RA
Théâtre Électrique presents :: War of the Worlds :: Death Radio See Radical Gay Girl Robots enslaved by the greed of the capitalist class in the future city of Kraken Mare :: Mars Underground :: 2038 RA
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Green et Soi-même

Green et Soi-même
 Hello, moi c’est Shanna ! Grande passionnée d’écologie et de développement personnel, j’ai décidé de réunir mes deux sujets préférés pour créer Green et Soi-même 🌍✨ Mes proches me disent souvent que je dégage des ondes positives alors pourquoi ne pas les partager à plus grande échelle ?  Un lundi sur deux on abordera des sujets divers et variés autour de l’écologie et du développement personnel. Des expériences, des astuces, des interviews, toujours dans la bonne humeur et la positivité  🌈   Green et Soi-même: un podcast qui lie développement personnel et écologie sans prise de tête ! Si tu souhaites me faire un retour, n’hésites pas à m’écrire à : podcast.greenetsoimeme@outlook.com (http://outlook.com), à laisser un commentaire ou à me rejoindre sur Instagram : @greenetsoimeme !  Ça me ferait plaisir d’échanger avec toi 💛
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Le carrefour des explorateur·ice·s de l'imaginaire
Hémisphères est une émission mensuelle d'exploration de l'imaginaire créée et animée par Karel et Olbius. Chaque épisode est articulé autour d'une œuvre issue d'un médium visuel (cinéma, jeu vidéo, bande dessinée, série). Dans une perspective de découverte mutuelle, nous cherchons à saisir les résonances symboliques, culturelles, historiques et philosophiques des œuvres choisies.
Mots-clefs : Imaginaire,Jeux Vidéo,Analyse,The Green Knight,FullMetal Alchemist,Berserk,Chrono...
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Nouveautés Deep House, Progressive, Techno mélodique
Découvrez les podcast Meet & Greet avec notre sélection de nouveautés Deep House, Progressive, Techno mélodique, etc... Nous invitons également des artistes Français et internationaux pour des Guest mix uniques !
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Jeu de rôle d'exploration dans un centre commercial étrange
Jeu de rôle d'exploration dans un centre commercial étrange
Mots-clefs : jdr,green dawn mall,jeu
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Le Green Zapping
Le Green Zapping : un retour en images sur les actus écolos des dernières semaines, que vous aurez pu découvrir à travers le Mag, notre page Fan Facebook ou encore notre compte Twitter.
Mots-clefs : actus,Divers,ecologie,écolos,Le Green Zapping,Mag BuzzEcolo.com,podcast,un...
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SKD New Green Vault at Dresden Royal Palace
Whilst the exhibits in the treasure chamber of August the Strong merge with its own architecture into a breathtakingly integreated work of art, in the New Green Vault (located directly over the historical rooms) the beauty of a single object is in the foreground. Pieces of the treasure chamber include: the famous Cherry Stone; choice Italian objects of rock crystal; the legendary Green Diamond; the valuable ivory frigate; masterpieces of the Royal Jeweller Johann Melchior Dinglinger (such as the Court of the Grand Mogul); and the Golden Coffee Set.
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La Veillée

La Veillée
Quelle est votre histoire ?
Se réunir autour d’un feu pour échanger des histoires, avec les bruits de la nuit en fond sonore et la forêt pour décor… voilà le genre de moments qu’ont voulu recréer Patrick Baud et Damien Maric : ceux que l’on partage entre amis les soirs d’été, en découvrant chaque nouveau récit avec émerveillement. « La Veillée » est inspirée d’un concept américain, « The Moth », créé par le poète et romancier Georges Dawes Green en 1997. Le principe est simple : une scène, un public, et des histoires extraordinaires racontées par les personnes qui les ont vécues...
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Carnet de voyage audio de notre tour du monde, semaine par semaine.
Parce qu'on aime voyager et qu’on y tient, à cette planète, on a décidé de faire un tour du monde en tentant de minimiser notre impact (trajets en train, solutions « Zéro Déchet », etc.) et en vous présentant de chouettes initiatives pour la Terre et ses habitants, à travers de courtes vidéos documentaires. Mais on voulait aussi vous emmener dans notre voyage grâce à ce podcast en vous donnant nos impressions semaine après semaine. Love sur vous ! M&V Vous pouvez aussi suivre cette aventure 💻 sur notre site www.mvsurlaterre.com 📷 sur Instagram www.instagram.com/mvsurlaterre 👉 sur Facebook www.facebook.com/mvsurlaterre 🎥 sur Wetube http://www.wetube.io/author/mvsurlaterre/
Mots-clefs : voyage,Terre,tour du monde,environnement,green,zero dechet,ecologie,ecologisme
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