Over the centuries, countless men and women have dedicated their lives to the protection of animals, and their legacy is honored in the form of statues, plaques, fountains, parks, benches, monuments, poems, organizations, stories, and memories.

In today's podcast episode, I continue our journey into the stories of remarkable individuals who pioneered the modern-day animal protection movement in the United States — the lives and legacies of these compassionate trailblazers who tirelessly fought for the welfare and rights of animals.

Because there is so much to say, this episode is just the first part of two! 

Collectively, this duo of episodes will celebrate unsung heroes and iconic figures; look at the challenges they faced and the victories they achieved; and contemplate the lasting impact they made on animal advocacy. 

AND, as we journey through history, we discover the monuments and memorials dedicated to these extraordinary advocates and their contributions to creating a more compassionate world.


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