Welcome to the 26th Confined Spaces Radios Show. As per the usual drill, I’ll be playing for the first hour of the show, joining me from the 2nd hour is Vidno from Poland with a superb selection. Vidno – DJ / producer from Poland, member of the Audiobar collective. He played in most Polish clubs, but also abroad. Over the years, he has supported the likes of Damian Lazarus, Rodriguez Jr, Robert Babicz, Oliver Huntemann, Michael Mayer, Jan Blomqvist, just to name a few. He released on the Proton sublabel Particles. In 2021 he started his Vidno Airlines Records label. Upcoming releases include music on DeepWit Deepsociety Music and Vidno Airlines Records. Enjoy.

INSTAGRAM: bit.ly/3RaJmx0
SOUNDCLOUD: bit.ly/3HxcRWz
BEATPORT: bit.ly/3R8sOpp

Confined Spaces (CSR) on BLOOP LONDON RADIO · CSR ♯026 [w/ Vidno, Poland] (24.01.2023)