Episode 28 of the Confined Spaces Radio Show just landed. Joining me tonight is the South African queen of #Soulful LockHive with the superb guest mix. Lungelwa Honey Mtabazi aka Lochive The DJ 1st burst onto the male dominated Deep House & Afro-tech music scene in 2017 and quickly became one of the most recognizable faces and names on the circuit. Today Lochive is one of the most desired DJ’s not just in South Africa but internationally. Her YouTube mix videos hit 1 million streams in 4 weeks and received amazing reviews from Deep House and Afro-tech music lovers from all over the world.

INSTAGRAM: https://bit.ly/40Go0uH
YOUTUBE: https://bit.ly/42Ld2pH

Confined Spaces (CSR) on BLOOP LONDON RADIO · CSR ♯028 [w/ LochiveDJ, South Africa] (28.03.2023)