Igor Marijuan is easily recognized by his voice and his unique style of presenting. He has opened up the world of broadcasting and hosted countless parties, from the biggest clubs in Ibiza, festivals and events in the world such as BPM, Time Warp and Creamfiels, SONAR, only to name a few. He uses a great deal of groundbreaking platforms, transmitting from his studio at the radio he founded 10 years ago, from inside the booths, at the clubs.

On the decks, he describes his sessions as a perfect balance between easy listening and smart sounds. His calling card is a variety of styles from deep to tech-house that have taken him to cities like Berlin, Beijing, Sao Paulo, Mexico DF, Buenos Aires, Dusseldorf, Lima, Dubai, Zurich, Moscow, Frankfurt, Milano or Paris.

He is the CEO of Ibiza Sonica Radio, Manager at Pioneer DJ Radio and Co-founder of Sonica Broadcast, DJ and broadcaster.