Kinky Movement "Dreams" (Replay)
Soledrifter "You Know What" (Large)
Cup & String "All I Need" (Good For You)
Jacob Bech "The Kibosh" (Large)
Lisa Shaw "Falling" Miguel Migs Deluxe Dub (Salted)
Saison "Please Don't Go" Giom Mix (Guesthouse)
Marcus Jakes "Taste Buds" (Replay)
Seven Davis Jr. "Friends" Detroit Swindle Remix (Classic)
Angelo Ferreri "You Can Do" (Cruise)
HR & SKI "From The Soul" (Nervous)
Roland Nights "Ready to Go" (Large)
Scott Diaz & Matt Jam Lamont "The Theme" (Simma Black)
Cup & String "I'm There" (Good For You)