In this episode, we’re exploring the intersection of bread and art, and the idea of bread as art. From Renaissance paintings of The Last Supper (complete with pretzels) and still lifes from the Dutch Golden Age to scoring videos on Instagram—the aesthetics of bread, and all that it symbolizes, have long been on display.

We'll look for bread in art history with Maite Gomez-Rejon (founder of Art Bites), consider the influence of art on baking with an interview from HRN Happy Hour featuring head chef of Modernist Cuisine Francisco Migoya and author Daniel Isengart, talk about craft with baker (and former ceramic artist) Sarah Owens, weigh bread's artistic value with Guy Frenkel of Ceor Bread, and find out how co-authors Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya, tackled bread's beige aesthetics when writing Modernist Bread.

Photo Credit: Nathan Myhrvold/ The Cooking Lab, LLC.

Theme Music: Thomas Hughes & Gretchen Lohse (@carolclevelandsings)

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