The Feast's summer road trip continues as we head to a state once known as the birthplace of Prohibition: Maine! Join us in conversation with state politician and owner of Portland's Rising Tide Brewery, Heather Sanborn, as we chat about the past and present of Maine's beer scene. As former president of the Maine Brewer's Guild and a champion of craft brewing, Heather reveals the secrets of a successful craft beer business, one deeply rooted in local advocacy and community-building. We talk everything from local hop farms to women in brewing to the best lobster grilled cheese in Portland (hint: It's in the brewery's front yard). Wind down the summer with a cold one and a chat with this game-changing defender of American craft brewing.  Written and Produced by Laura Carlson Editing by Mike Portt Special Guest: Heather Sanborn, Director of Operations and Owner of Rising Tide Brewery; Representative for District 43 in Maine's House of Representatives Check out more information about the show at

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