Today’s guest, is Marisa Handler. Marisa was on Untangle a year ago, and she's back because so many of us loved her ideas on Creativity (with a big C) and how it can emerge in our lives in so many different ways. 

She is a writer, singer, songwriter and she teaches creativity, meditation, and transformation at Stanford University, Spirit Rock Meditation Center and California Institute of Integral Studies. She’s also a Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.

Today we talk about what it means to be creative — how life itself is an unfolding of the creative process and there’s always creative potential; how doing our best creative work helps us to find our voice AND how our obstacles can be a gift as we uncover their meaning. She shares how we can stay open to new ways of seeing things, engage creatively with our limits and edges by staying curious. You’ll also hear some of her thoughts on our shadows, dreams and visions. 

Marisa’s 9 month creative coaching program starts January 18, so get in touch with her if you’re working on a creative endeavor and want to bring it to life this year. Find out more at

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