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Episode 69 - GPL

Garrett Wadford
Interview with GPL from Italy! Radical and Melodic and FAST. Great chat with Francesco Marrone. We dive into our adventure...
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...encouraging signs that vaccines slow the spread of coronavirus; Mario Draghi looks set to lead Italy’s new government; and Louis Harnett O’Meara’s outpost news.
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...of Kefalonia is worth a try and a round-up of the week’s top news from Italy.
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Has Donald Trump underestimated North Korea's belligerence? We also discuss why Italy’s populist parties are trying to negotiate the country’s exit from the single currency and examine...
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Monday 1 June

Monocle 24
...Mueller has an update on the Gough Whitlam dismissal, Japan considers easing entry restrictions and the best of Italy’s cultural sites. 
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...the week, you filthy animals. At least it's well sourced slop from countries like Canada, Italy, UK, US, Poland, Greece, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Chile, and Austria so your diet of brutality...
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...nooks and crannies all over the globe. Such nooks and crannies include Canada, Northern Ireland, Italy, US, Australia, Poland, Peru, Nepal, Cuba, Sweden, Romania, Germany, and Brazil.
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The contest for the Mediterranean reaches a fever pitch as Barbarossa ravages the shores of Italy and then returns to Africa. Charles V realizes his mistake in ignoring the younger Barbarossa...
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Ted Sohier reports on the town of Teramo, Italy, where the band plays its first tour concert. Band member Drew Fennell talks about his...
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Jul's Progkast - 16

Jul's Progkast Radio Podcast
Flux : Progkast
...UK - 00.35 Us - Lindisfarne (2017) Netherlands - 11.25 Federico Fasce - Memoirs (2008) Italy - 20.59 Need - Hagaiamas (2017) Greece - 32.16 Grey Gizzard - Dead Man (2016)...
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...prevent a full-blown currency crisis, discuss Vladimir Putin’s popularity in his homeland and ask what Italy should do with its fascist-era architecture. Plus: would you swap your smartphone for a less...
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Tuesday 8 May

Monocle 24
...Trump end US participation in the Iran nuclear deal later today? We also ask whether Italy could appoint a caretaker leader and look at why the EU has hailed Slovenia’s political...
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...on an extraordinary row over the efficacy and availability of Covid-19 vaccines in Europe. Plus: Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte resigns, the headlines from Latin America and Monocle’s Nic Monisse has...
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Episode 29: Betsy Divine & Katrina Vahedi

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
...their Italian cheese mentor Salvatore, and what cheese means to the master cheese mongers of Italy.
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Chatham Baroque welcomes its former violinist Julie Andrijeski for concerts of music from Italy, Spain, and France featured in the group's discography. The core members talk about all the...
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