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On iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube - this is the 2000 AD Thrill-Cast! Hosted by publicity droid Molch-R, the official 2000 AD podcast welcomes Ian Edginton...
Medium 9c9e49bf4bd194fd5ec84cd452bfe89d72546def
Welcome to the exciting fifty-second episode of the 2000 AD Thrill-Cast Lockdown Tapes! We're just hours away from the launch of the brand nee...
Medium a23e079a1213c72bc1e98263d85ff2fef2e24075
Welcome to the exciting fifty-first episode of the 2000 AD Thrill-Cast Lockdown Tapes! 2000 AD Regened is back - the first all-ages special issue...
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We break into the year 2000 with Mirai Sentai Timeranger. For those of us in america it was Time Force Power...
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San Diego Comic Con got a much-needed injection of Thrill-power as 2000 AD landed with a booth stuffed with ghafflebette delights! Over the coming weeks we'll be...
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This week, we take on Cherry 2000, a sci-fi movie recommended to us by comedian and former friend Kurt Braunohler. If you...
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102 – Baby Race 2000

Jay Edidin & Miles Stokes
...The death of Candy Southern The not-exactly death of Cameron Hodge Nanny Orphan-Maker Baby Race 2000 An orphanage that is also a metaphor Unreliable narration The dubious partnership of Mister Sinister...
Medium deda8e8cbae094bb65d4a7398b655b46429422c1
...Jump Off) /// Wu-Tang Clan 25.  Gravel Pit /// Wu-Tang Clan Pic by Jerome Albertini (2000)
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Alone by 2000 Plus

info@relicradio.com (RelicRadio.com)
This week on Relic Radio Science Fiction, 2000 Plus brings us their story Alone, from January 29, 1953. Listen to more from 2000...
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...in Leeds is a celebration of the comic book medium and an ideal opportunity for 2000 AD to engage with readers old and new. This year, host Molch-R welcomed droids Guy...
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Flux : Retro Ramble
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Space Wreck by 2000 Plus

info@relicradio.com (RelicRadio.com)
We hear from 2000 Plus on this week’s Relic Radio Science Fiction. From June 28, 1950, here’s their story...
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Worlds Apart by 2000 Plus

info@relicradio.com (RelicRadio.com)
https://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/archive.org/download/rr22021/SciFi693.mp3 This week’s Relic Radio Science Fiction features 2000 Plus. From November 15, 1950, we’ll hear their story Worlds Apart. Download SciFi693
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The 2000 AD Thrill-Cast returns for its first episode of 2020 with a deep dive into the...
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