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Totally 80's # 4

Stuart Held
...been a favorite of some of the SFTB listeners when we do music from the 1980's, so here we go like again like.....Like on this show like were going to like...
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Totally 80's # 9

Stuart Held
Hello Basementeers all over... Well I realize that the Totally 80's series is really is a BIG HIT!! with everybody. I guess there is more fans...
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Totally 80's # 7

Stuart Held
...Germany, and Basementeers all over... Yes this has a healthy run, these songs from the 80's, for some reason people like them, so here we go again. So here's a collection...
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...Hellooooo, Honolulu, HI & Hamilton, Ont, Canada...and Basementeers all over.... Today we have NOT another 80's show, but a first for SFTB, we looks back the 1990's in music. We pulled...
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112: Early 80's albums

Axeology Guitar Radio
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Gorehound is live on the airwaves with some metal tunes from the 80's, you can also catch the show here live on Spreaker, Radioline and PlayerFM
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...Morocco / Henderson, NV and Basementeers everywhere...... Were featuring another episode of music through the 1980's, yes a continuation of our ongoing shows called: Totally 80's. So what are we up...
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Hi Basementeers... Well here we go again with another 80's show (Music from the 1980's). We have some good trax for you on this show...
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Flux : Rock Solid
...welcome David Wild back to the Guest Co-Host chair to discuss Bob Dylan's often forgotten 80's discography.
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80's Dance One Hit Wonders

Aaron Goodwin-Old School Rewind
...to Hip Hop. Specifically picked from Bubba's record piles.  All Vinyl Dance Party from the 80's or at least where hip hop came from.
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Episode 31: Those 80's Songs

Talk The Ska Radio Podcast
Flux : Talk The Ska
It's 80's night here at Talk the Ska. Join us as we play some of the lesser...
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Chris Kelly From 80's TV

Totally Driven Entertainment
Episiode #41 Chris Kelly From 80's TV discusses Everything & Everything 80's and More! Special Guest: Geroge Rother aka MovieGuy247!
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Flux : Rock Solid
...friend and "Kinks Super Fan" Mario del Barrio to discuss the band's discography from the 1980's and Beyond! Kyle produces and cracks wise!
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