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Smorgasbord February 2022

Kitchen Counter Media
On today's smorgasbord we talk about the Sumo Citrus, cooking with bacon grease , and making an easy sauce with dried chiles. We also hear from our friends...
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C.T. Phipps Welcome to 6 Degrees of Kelvin Bacon Grease by way of Vance Turbo and his ragtag crew of intergalactic misfits brought to you...
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...since our early history.  They’re opportunistic eaters, and they like the things we like: grains, bacon grease , leather, silk scarves, books, carpets.  And as early humans traveled, the beetles came with,...
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Radio Show 53: Heathy Skepticism Part Deux.

Eric Renderking Fisk and Doug Palumbo
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Flux : Ouïedire
...In China, But It Was Not Until Centuries Later, When It Was Rediscovered In Europe25:35 Bacon Grease - I Want You26:40 POORGRRRL - The BluèzZz... Rn31:10 PURPUR SPYTT - Fake Vision Of...
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