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...explore a surge in support for the US Republican Party, discuss a scandal involving Germany’s CDU and round up stories from across the world.
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...economy continues growing, Quentin Peel on having a drink with the new head of Germany’s CDU and comedian Al Murray on his new book.
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...policy in Yemen have on the country’s civil war? Plus: we look ahead to tomorrow’s CDU election in Germany, examine Norwegian’s decision to axe long-haul flights and Fernando Augusto Pacheco explore...
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...find out why Angela Merkel no longer wants to carry on as head of her CDU party, review the Brazilian newspapers and find out about a woman who became an accidental...
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Chancellor Angela Merkel’s hand-picked successor is out of the running. The ruling CDU party must now pick a new leader and a path in dealing with the rising...
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...Vladimir Putin has no good options for dealing with his most vocal opponent. Germany’s ruling CDU party has a new leader; we examine the challenges that lie ahead for him, his...
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Flux : Bombshell
...Uken, "Relax, Germany Is Not Facing a State Crisis," Zeit Online Andreas Rinke and Madeline Chambers, "Merkel's CDU agrees to pursue grand coalition in Germany," Reuters Marwa Eltagouri, "What we've learned about the North...
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Backyard homes, John Parkinson

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...voire la première force politique. Le parti est désormais incontournable face au parti de droite la CDU, affaibli par les divisions et le départ d’Angela Merkel. C’est donc peut-être l’heure du changement...
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...À leur tête, Annalena Baerbock est une prétendante sérieuse à la chancellerie face à une CDU minée par les divisions et le départ annoncé d’Angela Merkel.
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...son parti affaibli. Si une femme succède à Angela Merkel, elle ne viendra pas de la CDU mais des Verts qui ont le vent en poupe dans les sondages. Quelle trace laissera-t-elle...
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