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Today, I share some of the great Celtic Christmas traditions you can find in Ireland and Scotland as I share a song, written by...
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In this episode, I explore the first Celtic Christmas songs that were written. It turns out there's a rich history that supersedes “Christmas in...
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Today, I launch what I hope to be a daily podcast of Celtic Christmas music where I share my thoughts about Celtic music and Christmas music. Today, I answer...
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Celtic Christmas Lights

Marc Gunn, Enda Reilly, Terry McDade, Cherish The Ladies, The Chivalrous Crickets, Anne Roos, Scythian, Brad Tuck,West of Eden
The lights of Christmas are glowing with a Christmas Story by Brad Tuck on Celtic Christmas Podcast #68. Enda Reilly, Terry McDade With The McDades, Marc Gunn, Cherish The Ladies, The...
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Celtic Christmas Women

Marc Gunn, Celtic Woman, Screaming Orphans, Natalie MacMaster, Cherish the Ladies, Liz Madden, Eileen Ivers, Sharon Shannon
...music from Celtic musicians featured on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Subscribe at CelticChristmasPodcast.com. Celtic Christmas music from Stephanie Claussen, The Gothard Sisters, Laura MacKenzie, Eira, Celtic Woman, Screaming Orphans, Steel...
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Celtic Christmas 2023

Marc Gunn, Brad Tuck, The McDades, Brendan Monaghan, The Langer's Ball, The Sternwheelers, Crossed Cannons, Ashley Davis
Nollaig shona daoibh! Enjoy Irish & Celtic Christmas music for 2023 on show #640. The Gothard Sisters, Brad Tuck, The Chivalrous Crickets, The...
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Celtic Christmas from Celtic Roots Radio #27

Marc Gunn, Craicmore, Eddie Matthews & Maz, The Elders, Perpetual e-Motion, Tamara Power-Drutis, Blackthorn, Dan Rivers
Celtic Christmas music re-podcasted from Raymond McCullough's Celtic Roots Radio podcast featuring music from Craicmore, Eddie Matthews...
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Celtic Christmas Music Special, Part 2 – Merry Celtic Christmas to All! #25

Marc Gunn, The AM String Band, Don Grieve, Boston Blackthorne, Jennifer Grassman, Gaelica, Ron Cody, Oona McOuat, Altan
Celtic Christmas music from the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast featuring Celtic Christmas Special, Part 2. Music...
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The 12-part series of Celtic Christmas Greetings comes to an end today, but not the podcast. In fact, I plan to...
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Celtic Christmas Music #76

Celtic Musician, Marc Gunn
...in my family. Show #76 celebrates Kenzie's birth plus the magic and music of a Celtic Christmas . Notes: Promote My Music on CelticRadio.net: Request Celtic Christmas Elf Conscription Song New episodes...
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Celtic Christmas Teaser #55

Marc Gunn, Angus Mohr, Don Grieve, The Irish Rovers, Alexander James Adams, The Wee Heavies, Matthew Young, Celtic Woman
Spread Christmas Cheer. Listen and Share Christmas music from Celtic musicians. Subscribe at CelticChristmasPodcast.com. Celtic Christmas music from Angus Mohr, Don Grieve, The Irish Rovers, Marc Gunn, Alexander James Adams, The...
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Celtic Christmas Songs #50

Marc Gunn, Celtic Christmas songs
Spread the Christmas Cheer with Celtic Christmas music from Marc Gunn's album Celtic Christmas Greetings. THIS WEEK IN CELTIC CHRISTMAS MUSIC 1:10...
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Celtic Christmas Traditions #39

Marc Gunn, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Four Celtic Voices, Barleyjuice, Celtic Cross
There are a lot of wonderful Celtic Christmas Traditions, some of which will be shared in song in this week's edition of the...
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Celtic Christmas Eve #34

Marc Gunn, Patrick K, Martyn Wylde, The Rogues, Keith and Kristyn Getty, The Malarkeys, Angus Mohr
The Celtic Christmas Podcast is excited to bring you Celtic Christmas music comes from Patrick K, Martyn Wylde,...
Medium 0763ef4739b467fc76a1bb974f3bbb63670fb4f4
This peaceful Celtic Christmas music of show #188 for your Silent Night on Christmas eve features Irish Celtic music from...
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