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Even when he was young, Claude Debussy loved to experiment with new sounds. That got him into trouble when he was...
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Claude Sautet

...Le Grand Atelier - par : Vincent Josse - Mort à 76 ans, en 2000, Claude Sautet a consacré sa vie au cinéma. Discret, pudique, cet ancien enfant timide observait ses...
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Claude Foisy

Sci-Fi Talk
Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
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Flux : Heavyweight
Jonathan’s oldest friend, Marie-Claude, had a problem in high school. At 50, she thought it was behind her. But...
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Jean-Claude Carrière

...humaine, pourtant je n'aime ni parler de moi ni parler de ce que je fais". Jean-Claude Carrière est synonyme de voyages en continu, repoussant en permanence les frontières et aspirant à...
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Medium f4177a17cfce5fb23ddfdfeb24aaf57bbf8342c3
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Flux : TechStuff
TechStuff salutes an incredibly influential (and yet relatively unknown) tech genius: Claude Shannon. What did he do? Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com
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Yule Lads! | Claude Neon Reports

Sleep With Me | The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep
Flux : Sleep With Me
Join Roberta and Claude as they journey via U-haul and Sleigh. Mentioned on tonight's show: "The Allusionist" by Helen Zaltzman...
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Flux : Cinéma toc
...temps que son cinéma a revêtu des formes de plus en plus légères, radicales. Aujourd’hui, Jean-Claude Brisseau est seul, il fait ce qu’il a envie de faire, soit une oeuvre épurée,...
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Hommage à Jean-Claude Carrière

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Flux : StarShipSofa
Main Fiction: "This Is The Ice-Age" Originally published in Mythspring Claude Lalumière is the author of Objects of Worship, The Door to Lost Pages, Nocturnes and...
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Claud: “Wish You Were Gay”

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
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An American girl with a French name, Claude Fontaine is one of many talented musicians residing in Los Angeles. In love with Bossa...
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Flux : Puck Soup
...Keri (The Jonah Keri Podcast) about his beloved Montreal Canadiens firing Michel Therrien and hiring Claude Julien, as well as the trend of recycling coaches in hockey and baseball. That, plus...
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