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Brian and Max take a look at the difference an EQ pedal can make on your board. They also give advice if you are just starting...
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...ways to troubleshoot the problem.  Most amps and quite a few pedals have on board EQ’s, so why would you need an external EQ? Brian and Blake give some examples of...
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#43 Emotional Intelligence & Relationships With EQ Expert Andrea Isaacs

How to Save Your Marriage Podcast with Nicola Beer Marriage Podcast
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In this episode Travis, Max, and Brian discuss how to adjust your EQ throughout your entire signal chain, recording on a budget, and pedals for rhythm guitar. http://www.wamplerpedals.com/podcast/...
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...in Europe 8:00 – Metal Movement 12:42 – On Stage Knob Tweaking 22:30 – Active EQ Explained Find us at: http://www.WamplerPedals.com http://www.Facebook.com/WamplerPedals http://www.Twitter.com/WamplerPedals http://www.Instagram.com/WamplerPedals

KMP 03.26.08 - Sugar Free Allstars - Dos Ninos

kmp@montyharper.com (Lisa Harper)
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...some of the secrets to great dirt pedal design, and explain the differences between amp eq and pedal eq. Brian has some goats and my put them to work, french dressing...
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...what guitar, amp, and pedals they would bring to a desert island. Also mentioned are EQ pedals and Travis the college kid.
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...amp. Another quick way to get better tone out of an amp is with an EQ pedal. Brian shows what difference that can make as well.
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...and COMMONS host Arshy Mann co-hosts.   This episode is brought to you by Endy, EQ Bank, HelloFresh, and listeners like you. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter.
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...-firmware updates -dealing with the power amp models in the peda -dealing with the onboard EQ -removing "low mud" -how the Radar interacts with your system's interface
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...mic’ing guitar amps in a live mix brings up a great discussion on using the EQ spectrum to broaden the mix. The new MS3 is out from Boss. Brian and Blake...
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...Placement 11:30 – Are Drummers Musicians? 15:00 – Van Halen or Van Hagar? 18:20 – EQ Settings With The Band 21:30 – Drunken Racing Find us at: http://www.WamplerPedals.com http://www.Facebook.com/WamplerPedals http://www.Twitter.com/WamplerPedals http://www.Instagram.com/WamplerPedals...
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