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118: Keeping it 99's F'N Fall Fest Pre-Show

Lousy Weather Media Network / Keeping it 99
Flux : Keeping it 99
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What Is a ‘Fake’ Artist in 2022?

popcast@nytimes.com (NYTimes.com Podmaster)
Flux : Popcast
Firestorms over the “virtual rapper” FN Meka and faceless artists on Spotify have sparked conversations about alienation and creative agency. Guests:...
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Bakko Plus One - Izzy Presley

Loose Cannon & Bakko
...Save It For The Pit Slave Raider - The Black Hole Metal Edge Magazine's Another FN Podcast on Apple Podcasts Pantheon Podcasts CRUISE | MONSTERS OF ROCK (themonstersofrock.com) Learn more about...
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KINKY SEX IS HEALING? ft. Dr. Lee Phillips

Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson
...  THIS WEEK’S FEATURED MUSIC: Mary Moore Song 1- Glimmer Song 2- Legendary Love   https://open.spotify.com/artist/2XZC5cqR9ZMD9fdDAZ6TPD?si=Fn-4dYBsSvqYjuHiXZugQg See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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Craig's Top Ten Albums of 2018

Will, Barrett and Chris
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...you prepare for, and cope with, a future no one can predict. Order now at CIAFN.com. CIA(FN)
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EXP Podcast #26: Spring Cleaning!

Jorge Albor, Scott Juster, Experience Points
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Small-scale spirits

Jeremy Cherfas
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Rust for JS Devs — Part 2

Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski - Full Stack JavaScript Web Developers
...= User { email: String::from("someone@example.com"), username: String::from("someusername123"), active: true, sign_in_count: 1, }; impl User { fn login(&mut self) { self.login_count += 1; } } 49:17 SIIIIICK ××× PIIIICKS ××× ××× SIIIIICK...
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