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Flux : 68 GAME BÀI
Sun Games là một cái tên khá lạ lẫm đối với người chơi Việt thế nhưng nguồn...
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Vidjagame Apocalypse 243 - Games Within Games

lasertimeshow@gmail.com (Laser Time)
...a topic that we somehow didn't think to do until a listener suggested it: video games that your character can play within larger video games. (We went for original ones, too,...
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...@StewReview Music featured in this episode from Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Support the show Socials Ollie: @chocobalt on Twitter Luke: @renderman7 on Twitter Angelo: @manjell0 on...
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...explore the appeal of this betting location in the article below. Overview of 68 Card Games 68 Game Cards is a unique game brand, born under the special design of 68...
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Vidjagame Apocalypse 148 - Games That Critique Gaming

lasertimeshow@gmail.com (Laser Time)
Video games have been around since at least the '70s, but introspective games - ones with a...
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wnycdigital@gmail.com (WNYC Studios)
Flux : Radiolab
Inthisepisode,firstairedin2011,wetalkaboutthemeaningofagoodgame—whetherit'saprofootballplayoff,orafamilyshowdownonthekitchentable.Andhowsomegamescanmakeyoufeel,atleastforalittlewhile,likeyourwholelifehangsinthebalance.ThishourofRadiolab,JadandRobertwonderwhywegetsoinvestedinsomethingsotrivial.Whatisitaboutgamesthatmakethemfeelsopivotal? Wehearhowarecurringdreamaboutfootballturnedintoareal-lifelessonforStephenDubner,wewatchachessboardturnintoaplaygroundwhereby-the-bookmovesgivewaytototallyunpredictablepossibilities,andwetalktoDanEngber,aonetimesenioreditoratSlate,nowatTheAtlantic,andabunchofscientistsaboutwhybettingonalongshotissomuchfun.Andfinally,wetalktoMalcolmGladwellaboutwhyhelovestheoverdog. CITATIONS: Videos-  TheImmaculateReception (https://zpr.io/izhV3Sm88SWF)byFrancoHarrisonDecember23,1972.HarriswasthePittsburghSteelers’fullbackatthetime. Books-  StephenJ.Dubner’sbook,ConfessionsofaHeroWorshipper(https://zpr.io/iQUwfF8vGArj) OurnewslettercomesouteveryWednesday.Itincludesshortessays,recommendations,anddetailsaboutotherwaystointeractwiththeshow.Signup(https://radiolab.org/newsletter)! Radiolabissupportedbylistenerslikeyou.SupportRadiolabbybecomingamemberofTheLab(https://members.radiolab.org/)today. FollowourshowonInstagram,TwitterandFacebook@radiolab,andshareyourthoughtswithusbyemailingradiolab@wnyc.org LeadershipsupportforRadiolab’sscienceprogrammingisprovidedbytheGordonandBettyMooreFoundation,ScienceSandbox,aSimonsFoundationInitiative,andtheJohnTempletonFoundation.FoundationalsupportforRadiolabwasprovidedbytheAlfredP.SloanFoundation.
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...the nostalgia dial to absurd levels by recruiting Greg Moore for a look at five videogames that, one way or another, were about nostalgia for videogames. Then it's on to some...
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Indie Games and Game Jams + Jupiter Hadley + 012

+7 Intelligence | Ches Hall | Gaming Enthusiast
...speak with Jupiter Hadley about the phenomenon of game jams and the world of indie games Game Jams How to get involved in making games Awesome places to find indie games,...
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Flux : 68 GAME BÀI
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Flux : 68 GAME BÀI
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EXP Podcast #109: 2010 Game(s) of The Year!

Jorge Albor, Scott Juster, Experience Points
...“Game of the Year” is a hopelessly subjective task, so instead we each chose three games from 2010 that made strong impressions on us.  As always, feel free to join in...
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Game iwin is a free game application, providing more than 20 popular betting games on phones today. The games are designed with beautiful graphics and vivid sound, 2 download...
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...Grand Theft Auto VI, and hear about the Spider-Verse characters you think deserve their own games. Question of the Week: Which triforce of actors would you cast as Link, Zelda, and...
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Flux : 68 GAME BÀI
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