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Real Genius

In this episode, Khrysti, Lou and Derek disucss 1985's "Real Genius"! The GR80s and all the work we do on NEOZAZ.com is made possible by the...
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G: Relative Genius

wnycdigital@gmail.com (WNYC Studios)
Flux : Radiolab
...secret location. He didn’t want his grave, or his body, becoming a shrine to his genius. When he passed away in the early morning hours of April, 18, 1955, his family...
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Mad genius cooking tips

A Couple Cooks | Small Bites
...& Wine Culinary Director Justin Chapple joins us for this episode and shares some mad genius cooking tips for spicing up your kitchen! Inspired by his grandmother’s way of making something...
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Flux : Song Exploder
Mike Hadreas has been making music under the name Perfume Genius since 2008. In May 2017, he put out his fourth album, No Shape to widespread...
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Flux : Popcast
Ben Ratliff and Nate Chinen discuss the jazz saxophonist, a recent winner of a MacArthur “genius” grant.
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Where Genius Is Born

Slate Podcasts
Flux : The Gist
...been ripe for cultivating our most creative thinkers. He’s the author of The Geography of Genius: A Search for the World’s Most Creative Places From Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley. For...
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When you hear the word 'genius,' names like Einstein and Mozart probably spring to mind. Defining what makes them geniuses, however,...
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Mycelium! We review and discuss "The Genius Plague" by David Walton.
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Episode 237: Food52 Genius Recipes

info@heritageradionetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
There are good recipes and there are great ones—and then, there are genius recipes. This week on Eat Your Words, Cathy Erway sits down with Kristen Miglore, author...
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Flux : Scifi Friday
Exploring Tomorrow-Planet Of Geniuses  oldtimeradiodvd.com
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The Body Genius, Part 5

Jonathan Mitchell
Flux : The Truth
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The Body Genius, Part 4

Jonathan Mitchell
Flux : The Truth
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The Body Genius, Part 3

Jonathan Mitchell
Flux : The Truth
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