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Medium 3b6a4c227b6ac1cf45b8fdb37538b6d7b11396fb

Deep Dish With Sohla And Ham: Delta Tamales

hello@sporkful.com (Stitcher)
Flux : The Sporkful
Medium 81468c80f7b96c5c29a7988c7cfc412d643d3661

Nick Swardson Returns

Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme
...Central, Nick's Mom, favorite Swedish phrases, Stand Up Specials, shows w/ the Sandler team, Josh Du-Hamel, and of course we read plenty of NICK'S TWEETS. ENJOY THE CHEW!
Medium 3b6a4c227b6ac1cf45b8fdb37538b6d7b11396fb
Flux : The Sporkful
Medium 3b6a4c227b6ac1cf45b8fdb37538b6d7b11396fb

Deep Dish With Sohla And Ham: Tteokbokki

hello@sporkful.com (Stitcher)
Flux : The Sporkful
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stephenwterrell@gmail.com (Stephen W. Terrell)
...by Johnny Dowd Commit a Crime by Bad Mojos That’ll Be the Bloody Day by Hamell on Trial(Background Music: Snow Surfin’ Matador by Jan Davis) Wild Man by Being Dead Johnny’s...
Medium 66a093fddd6a218b0d16d4f5ea0aa8fe5ac9f642

BIG ENCHILADA 144: Cowboys in the Shadows

stephenwterrell@gmail.com (Stephen W. Terrell)
...Baby by The Armstrong Twins Those Brown Eyes by J. Michael Combs Social Distancing by Hamell on Trial (Background Music: Symphony Hall Rag by John Hartford) Running Around With You by...
Medium 0763ef4739b467fc76a1bb974f3bbb63670fb4f4
...Now 5:06"Man of the House" by Bonhomme Setterfrom Obia on iTunes 9:58"Peggy" by Clandestinefrom To Anybody At AllJen Hamel has a new band, The Good Set. Also features Heather Gilmer 13:30"J.S. Carolan" by The Tea...
Medium c6958d516d8f3c3091d1205010e8017a57d2643e

Lament for a Halloween Rabbit

Marc Gunn, Jim McKenna, Bugs Bunny, Witch Hazel
Medium 956cc2115acd560803d044f3fbe721c1bb67b98d

Irish & Celtic Music Best of 2022, Mingulay Cat Song

Marc Gunn, Duncan McLauchlan, House of Hamill, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh
Medium 0763ef4739b467fc76a1bb974f3bbb63670fb4f4

Travelers #301

Marc Gunn, Get Up Jack, COAST, The Prodigals, House of Hamill, PaddyGrass
Medium 0763ef4739b467fc76a1bb974f3bbb63670fb4f4

Rocky Road to Dublin #373

Marc Gunn, The Gothard Sisters, The Langer's Ball, House of Hamill, Gone Molly, Sligo Rags
Medium f3cc18298f3baee36fbd7bb6fd8161c58da4bb13

Pub Song Craic for the Soul #151

Marc Gunn, Kilted Kings, The Rogues, Marc Gunn, Wild Colonial Bhoys, Matt Hughes, Crepuscule, House of Hamill
Medium f3cc18298f3baee36fbd7bb6fd8161c58da4bb13

St Patrick's Day Pub Songs Playlist #155

Marc Gunn, House of Hamill, The Selkie Girls, Poitin, NUA, The Muckers, Runa, Seamus Kennedy, Ockham's Razor, Barleyjuice
Medium c065b309df38520fd6906a66cb66ed37d7b2d393

Prayer for the Fallen #535

Marc Gunn, House of Hamill, Gaelynn Lea, Jon Pilatzke, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Christine Collister, Kevin Burke
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