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Highland Life #467

Marc Gunn, Plaid Menagerie, Tami Curtis, The Ugly Mugs, IIsabeau Corriveau, Barleyjuice
Enjoy life--Highland Life--on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Plaid Menagerie, Fir Arda, Alexander James Adams, The...
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Highland Laddies #428

Marc Gunn, BassPipes, The Celtic Kitchen Party, The Rogues, FinTan, Bridgid's Cross
Highland Laddies gather round the fire and and dance with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast...
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The Highlands #276

Marc Gunn, The Ne'er Duwels, Kailyarders, Terry Griffith, Gallowglass Irish Trio, Solas
We're take a glimpse at the music of The Highlands this week with awesome Celtic music from Battlefield Band, Socks in the Frying Pan, Seamus Kennedy,...
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Flux : In Our Time
Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss how and why Highlanders and Islanders were cleared from their homes in waves in C18th and C19th, following the...
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The Highland Clearances were a long, complicated, messy series of evictions in the Highlands and western Islands...
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Royal Highland Show 2019

BBC Radio Scotland
Mark and Euan with a round up of the 179th Royal Highland Show.
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The West Highland Line

BBC Radio Scotland
Mark and Euan on one of the world's greatest rail journeys on the West Highland Line
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Episode 44 – “Highlander”. In the episode, we discuss 1986’s “Highlander” and the panelist reveal their top 5 WTF...
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Highlands to Glasgow #607

Marc Gunn, Cantrip, Poitín, Lauren Oxford, Seán Heely, Brobdingnagian Bards, Eireann's Call, Karen Matheson, The Tomfooligans
Out of the Highlands to Glasgow we go with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Cantrip, Poitín, Wolf Loescher,...
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Staff Picks! This week it's Freddy's pick Highlander. Freddy reviews Mass Hysteria for Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette. Brought to you ad-free by the Legion of Demons...
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Mark Stephen and Rachel Stewart bring you stories from the annual Royal Highland Show.
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Life on a Highland Estate

BBC Radio Scotland
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...This week our hosts, aka the Immortals of the Remake, investigate the urban fantasy classic Highlander (1986). The only fight club where every participant is immortal, battling to the last, with...
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...I Enjoyed" In this episode the Donut crew dives deep into the mythology of the Highlander and we understand it less and less as we try to put it together. The...
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