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257 Best Horror Movies

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...And I’m not talking about bloody tax time! ZING. We are however talking about our favorite horror movies . Plus Marvel news with a new origin for Captain Marvel, Guardians 3 delayed and Luke...
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...this week, as Matthew Jay joins us for an exploration of horror games based on horror movies , some of which might actually surprise you. We also dig into Middle-earth: Shadow of...
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108 Best Horror Movie Icons

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The Best Horror Movies Based On Books

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Ep 30: Bisha K Ali - World's Worst Horror Movie

Hosted by Ben Van der Velde and Barry McStay
...creeping up slowly in ghostly and macabre form is this week's episode about the worst horror movies ever projected on the silver screen. We're joined by writer and comedian Bisha K Ali...
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...the programming of Courage My Love’s upcoming album- We hear about the influence of 80s horror movies on the band’s new music videos- “We’ve found a sound we really like and can...
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