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DMC Short Mix - Live 26/12/15

Deejay Dee (Gold Coast)
Flux : Balkan Vibes
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Balkan Mini Mix - LIVE (12 05 15)

Deejay Dee (Gold Coast)
Flux : Balkan Vibes
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Since 1976, Ross Pallones passion for live mix ing and studio engineering has made an imprint on the musical landscape for some of...
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Hip-hop only , live mix
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An evocative live mix of location recordings from Southeast Asia collected and composed by this multimedia artist.
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Jimpster brings us a live mix from the Delusions Of Grandeur Exposé Party at Prince Charles, Berlin Recorded live on 19/2/16...
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...continually roaming the globe in search of lesser known sonic treasures. Jason will do a live mix of soundscapes and music to create "a sonic sampling of the exotic other."
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...use the hashtag #NightOwlRadio. The first episode for 2018 of Night Owl Radio features 2 live mix es recorded from Countdown NYE, plus we hear headliner shouts from the festival!
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...internet age? Brian has some thoughts. A listener question about mic’ing guitar amps in a live mix brings up a great discussion on using the EQ spectrum to broaden the mix. The...
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