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On a particularly muggy day this past week, Mali Music arrived at NPR's D.C. headquarters armed with only his enthusiasm (and a teensy entourage)....
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...on two Navy SEALS & two Marine Raiders charged with killing a Green Beret in Mali. ROUND 4: Sub-par behavior on a Navy sub has come to light on the USS...
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...than of feasting, but it wasn’t always so, and even today the Bamana people of Mali have a rich food culture. Stephen Wooten – that’s him in the picture enjoying a...
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Flux : Encore!
He was known as "the eye of Bamako": Malick Sidibé’s iconic portraits of a newly-independent Mali are among the most striking examples of West...
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April is back in the studio to talk with the one and only Mali Elfman. She's on the show to talk about the very interesting Brit Marling film, Another Earth....
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...this week that I would love to be attending - Festival of the Desert in Mali, Blues Cruise out of Florida and Mustique Blues - so I play music from each.
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...‘The Washington Post’ and Monocle’s Andrew Mueller have the latest on the military coup in Mali. Plus: opinion polls in Germany, the Latin American newspapers and Carlota Rebelo’s urbanism round-up.
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Flux : Live on KEXP
Mali-based world, afro-pop, ngoni performer Bassekou Kouyate and his band Ngoni Ba performs songs from their...
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Flux : Encore!
From Mali via Boston, Dublin and Ethiopia back to Paris, Eve Jackson takes you on a musical...
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Flux : Live on KEXP
...Samba and paying tribute to his family with his music, Touré brings a snapshot of Mali's rich musical history into the KEXP Live Room.  Recorded 5/2/2017 - 4 songs: Ni Negaba, Missing, Samba Si Kairi, Ba...
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Nothing But The Blues #487

Nothing But The Blues
...Jerome Browne (Frisco Town); Mississippi Fred McDowell (Frisco Lines); Mighty Mo Rodgers and Baba Sissoko (Mali To Mississippi); Knickerbocker All-Stars (Cadillac Baby).
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Flux : Live on KEXP
...some weight to it, but the trio of musicians from the Mande culture of Southern Mali have so much life in their music. Joining Darek Mazzone on Wo' Pop, the Malian...
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Émission du 23 octobre 2015

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Flux : BRRRAA de fer
...(orchestre Isifi Lokole 1975) La Fleur Beteko -  Papa Wemba et Emeneya Mace femme africaine - Djo Mali Alembe - Grand Zaiko Wawa Bakulu Pend - Bozi Boziana (orchestre Yoka Lokole) Amoureux déçu - Papa Wemba...
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