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Takaakira Goto - Mono

Guitar Speak Podcast
Mono are touring Australia in March and I'm super excited - so here in replay is...
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Flux : Guitar Nerds
...Nerds here. On this week's episode Naomi, Jay, Matt and I talk all about the Mono Carbon Fibre pedalboards, Mojo pickups massive range of super cool looking pickups, and the new,...
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Takaakira Goto is the principal composer, guitarist and band leader of Japanese post-rock band Mono. Mono formed in 1999 and have just released a brilliant album, their 11th, 'Pilgrimage of...
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...with Microsoft for most of his developer career, and he shares the history of GNOME, Mono, and Xamarin — and what led him to now work at Microsoft. Leave us a comment...
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Potluck × Learning Web Dev × Video Streaming × Mono Repos

Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski - Full Stack JavaScript Web Developers
...dev at an older age, making your apps look better, building a video streaming site, mono repo vs regular, and more! Sentry - Sponsor If you want to know what’s happening...
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...Youth; Childe Harold. In part two, he's turns the Sunshine spotlight onto The Association in MONO! A full playlist is available here: http://cometothesunshine.com/playlists-show43/
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DJ Andrew Sandoval salutes The Lovin' Spoonful, spinning more than forty original mono vinyl pressings of their music from 1965-1969.
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...on the work of that talented Chicago combo, The Cryan' Shames. An hour of rare mono mixes (including cuts from the unavailable on CD Sugar & Spice and A Scratch In...
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...The Accents featuring Sandi, as well as a heaping helping of the Grass Roots in mono. A full playlist is available here: http://cometothesunshine.com/playlists-show52/
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...to November 2014, as the BIG W explores, with drink in hand, DEAN MARTIN in MONO: 1962-1968 on Reprise Records! Originally aired on Metromedia Radio in November 2014….and stay tuned at...
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First broadcast September 1, 2008, "Come To The Sunshine" #46 surveys 40 MONO 45's all released by the Columbia label from October 1965 through January 1970. Played in...
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...Nick Zinner & Meredith Graves) [Instrumental]," Road Trip (Single), Midnight Feast, 2018 Idles, "Grounds," Ultra Mono, Partisan, 2020 Idles, "Television," Joy As An Act Of Resistance, Partisan, 2018 Idles, "Anxiety," Ultra...
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Music Activism: Fay Milton (Savages) on Climate Change & IDLES

podcasts@chicagopublicradio.org (WBEZ Chicago)
...Nick Zinner & Meredith Graves) [Instrumental]," Road Trip (Single), Midnight Feast, 2018 Idles, "Grounds," Ultra Mono, Partisan, 2020 Idles, "Television," Joy As An Act Of Resistance, Partisan, 2018 Idles, "Anxiety," Ultra...
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Sawbones: Mononucleosis

sawbones@maximumfun.org (Justin & Dr. Sydnee McElroy)
...kissing? That's because they were trying to track the spread of a common infection called mononucleosis, or mono. Dr. Sydnee goes over the history of how the virus that caused mono...
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...the '60s. The first hour features tracks actually played from his own vinyl 45s in mono by: The Fantastic Baggys/Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart/The Gentrys/The Hollies A set of A&M singles...
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