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...allegedly cut two people with a razor on Canal St. Osterlind losses faith in the New Orleans Pelicans after losing a must-win game against Golden State. A 19-year-old convinces his mother to start...
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...to sign it fast enough' . Zion Williamson didn't play a single second for the New Orleans Pelicans this season due to a broken foot, but he will still be eligible to sign...
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Baseball in New Orleans, Past and Present - Episode #44

Baseball in New Orleans, Past and Present - Episode #44
...tarp and the rain check. The guys walk us through the early days of the New Orleans Pelicans . Later we discuss the return of minor league baseball to New Orleans in 1993,...
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What Humans Call Love

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Flux : Wake up NBA
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Flux : Le Playground
...première nuit de la saison ! On continue avec les Atlanta Hawks (1:52) et les New Orleans Pelicans (19:50). Petit flashback sur la saison dernière, un point sur la draft et les mouvements...
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Flux : WAKA JOWO 44
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Flux : Le Playground
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