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Nick Nolte makes an appropriate guest for the 900th episode of WTF because he clearly has about...
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...Big Bang Theory (not the show), Intelligent Design, UFOs, Astronomy, Mark McGrath, Gary Busey Vs Nick Nolte , The Apprentice, Mark McGrath, accessing our memories from the past, our perception of reality,...
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Nick Nolte is a magical ’80s bum, Chris Farley stars in Tommy Boy Gaiden and Family Guy...
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Family Guy debuts, Liam Neeson introduces his particular set of skills, Nick Nolte and Martin Short are playing French again, the last Super Bowl of the 90s, Spider-Man...
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Star Belly Sneetch Riot

T.J. Miller, Cash Levy
Cash and TJ talk about Nerd flasks, mug shots, beard tails, Nick Nolte ,  Benjamin Franklin, The Backstreet Boys, birthday etiquette, 3 minute bluffing, positive lying, dinner pictures,...
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...talk about addictive behavior, self-destruction, and why sobriety finally stuck. They also talk about Sam Shepard,  Nick Nolte , Sean Penn, the Coen Brothers, Denzel Washington, and the surprising fulfillment of making superhero...
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...Chris Hewitt all about his new movie, Angel Has Fallen. Along the way they discuss Nick Nolte , the five stages of movie stardom, and Gerry tells an eyewatering story that has...
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...Mitchum noir film comparing it to the Martin Scorsese thriller starring Robert De Niro and Nick Nolte . These two movie will battle it out on the savage waters of Cape Fear....
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...of Gower Gulch (associate producer/critic) six-part original series for Starz/Western 2013 Candace (primary writer) 2008 Nick Nolte : No Exit (associate producer/writer) Sundance Select 2006 Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride: Hunter...
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Nothing But The Blues #512

Nothing But The Blues
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Nothing But The Blues #381

Nothing But The Blues
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...Galactus, the clown from the first Fantastic Four. Alex:                 He hates clowns. Pete:                Maybe it’s Nick Nolte clown, from the angry Hulk movie. Justin:              What if it’s two clowns and the clowns...
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Redox #164 – It’s A Drag (7″ Vinyl)

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Monkey's Tail | BEB 381

Black-Eyed N Blues
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