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The Missing Link of Post-Punk Legends

podcasts@chicagopublicradio.org (WBEZ Chicago)
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...Associated Press by day and hung at the Boston clubs at night. Documenting the punk, post-punk and new wave scene that thrived there and in New York, he was able to...
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1 hour of post-punk, punk 45 singles and the 2nd hour, a run through some excellent far-out psychedelic international...
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Hailing from Nashville, The Winter Sounds are a new wave, indie, post-punk band that formed in 2006. Started by front man Patrick Keenan, The Winter Sounds quickly...
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Punked up dub, or dubbed up experimental post-punk. Depending on your preference.
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...takes us back to 05.21.1980 with a taste of the 80s alternative music scene: punk, post-punk, synth, and jangly guitars. Enjoy and consider sharing. www.80salternative.com
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Episode 335: Throbadelic

Searching For A Thread
Mid to late 90's post-hardcore and post-punk all with a heavy duty backbeat.
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RadioXU #10

...Tonight we begin an exploration of the musical genre that came to be known as Post-Punk. Initially sparked by the energy and do-it-yourself ethic of punk rock, the post-punk artists drew...
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Classic 80s college rock, synth pop, and post-punk. Enjoy!
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...(drums, electronics) and Nico Glitter (guitar), the trio fuse West African oral traditions with pummeling post-punk for a sound so unique it defies categorization. Our Song of the Day, “Dabalomuni,” comes...
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