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...about the creation of HBM over on Bang and Olufsen’s blog.  Interview by Nathaniel Budzinski. Producer: Jeff Emtman Editor: Tim Hinman Music: Tim Hinman
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...called Portraits without People and the original version of HBM021: Potential Energy…the version with words. Producer: Jeff Emtman Editor: Jeff Emtman Music: The Black Spot
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...museum.We turned these episodes into a book, which is available for purchase in our store. Producer: Jeff Emtman Editor: Jeff Emtman Music: The Black Spot, Serocell
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...finding tardigrades by soaking moss in water and squeezing out the resulting juice onto slides. Producer: Jeff Emtman Music: The Black Spot Sponsor: Pod People Pod People is an audio production and staffing...
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...supported by listener donations.  If you’d like to make a small monthly contribution, visit patreon.com/HBMpodcast.  Producer: Jeff Emtman
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HBM121: True North

Bethany Denton
...the incredible artist Violet Reed.  Get your HBM Can O’ Worms sticker at our store.   Producer: Jeff Emtman Editor: Bethany Denton Music:  The Black Spot Photos: Jeff Emtman
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HBM110: Big Numbers

Bethany Denton
...the fantastic podcast Imaginary Advice [this episode contains excerpts from Episode 49, “Re: The Moon”]). Producer: Jeff Emtman Editor: Jeff Emtman Music: The Black Spot, Serocell FYI our voicemail number is (765) 374-5263....
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...from a variety of bootlegged self-help audiobooks found in the thrift stores of New England.  Producer: Jeff Emtman Editor: Bethany Denton Music: The Black Spot, August Blicher Friis
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...The excerpt used can be translated to “...and the chain was bound around the arm.” Producer: Jeff Emtman Editor: Jeff Emtman Music: Serocell, The Black Spot, AHEE, Circling Lights ← New music!
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...Monsters? Tell your friends, support HBM on Patreon, and have your boss sponsor an episode. Producer: Jeff Emtman Music: Serocell and The Black Spot Sponsor: RadioLab Are you curious about the world, but...
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...run the Bellingham Alternative Library, sings in a Threshold Choir, and works at a museum. Producer: Jeff Emtman Editor: Jeff Emtman Music: The Black Spot 👉 Listen to Part 2 👈
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...thanks to Jesse Chappelle and Hallie Sloan, who helped in the research of this episode.  Producer: Jeff Emtman Music: Serocell, August Friis, The Black Spot Sponsor: Coffee Beer of Portland, Oregon  Coffee Beer...
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