Medium 715822e1307fc8dc887388a163360d733f891077

Rat race

BBC Radio
Medium 4720fca1e01b6a16f737189e9185832c085b363f
Medium b0bd28637632bd8a1ceae5941ff08788d2c3371f

Lab Rat

Tony Tellado
Flux : Sci-Fi Talk
Medium d593b6693033610bbf05cedbb385d2fcafd77b9d

Smell a rat

BBC Radio
Medium 8d1885b67b54e3b0e89c9df5781e219ed41e29ee

Russia's Lab Rat

Peach Fish Productions
Flux : The Gist
Medium 91002d53b4bfd67879945ba877428893acf8b144

League of Rats

Sean McIndoe, Ryan Lambert
Flux : Puck Soup
...all means; debate the state of goaltending in the NHL; discuss Matthew Tkachuk and the “rats” in hockey; break down the All-Star Game events; talk Nicklas Backstrom contract; and look at...
Medium 6a30603f403711a951f43b1fedeb7cc04ff619bf

S1E10 - On Rats

Jared, Devin, and Whitt
...a poisoned rat problem, which is an actual problem because we love eating these poisoned rats. This episode's themes include: Daddy showers, shower daddies, Murder Junkies frame-ups, and austr-Aliens. Walker episode:...
Medium 5a8ad75c3f6456617d6a91ace4d4353b09311fd1

Rat Rod PARS623

Bill Domiano
Medium 54cd8e4ed9ae42bf896ad747915e28224298237c
Medium 54cd8e4ed9ae42bf896ad747915e28224298237c
Medium 91365169c609d497e8801c761cd0431ecfd55fb7

Year of the Rat

Peach Fish Productions
Flux : The Gist
Medium 45a1830ba4e234ac39b90b80aa97a5ca02316546

How Rat Rods Work

Flux : CarStuff
Medium a670f8b99e9bada9a32ce28dd30e65e00a0e1dd0

Episode 650 | "Rat Cast"

The Joe Budden Network
Medium 389cbe1923e435623743c1ddef0b1dafbec3a02d
Though it's most famous for its rats, the story of this temple starts with Hindu goddess Durga and Karni Mata, a 15th-century...
Medium 0caaace751b676d2583a51fe8e4ed18f733d42b8
...I’ve enlisted the help of Macon Fry, author of the book They Called Us River Rats, and himself an inhabitant of the batture. 
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