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Here! Here! (Hear? Hear?) Mike is back, and fills Bobby, Meredith and the Wagoneers in on...
Medium 76b6610dfd18bd9a743093210d8d81e978c87026

Princess Di re-re-re-dux

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Joe Morgenstern)
Five years ago the Chilean director Pablo Larraín gave us "Jackie," a fictionalized portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy during and immediately after...
Medium 39a31fc991ad5b1c597850fec1f895586cc35c4f

EXP Podcast #515: Re-Re-Remix

Jorge Albor, Scott Juster, Experience Points
Time is a flat circle and in this timeline, we're playing Resident Evil 2... again. As of today, we'll also be playing Final Fantasy 9 again, which is...
Medium cda58d5e71ff47205250fecb5fbb8b432d19ceda


Starburns Audio
...personal flamethrowers in Detroit, Chinese bird killing monkeys, boys ripping paintings and People Zoos! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Medium 6a607a6ca306246548ba688fe7a3baeb7d4db09b

Do Re Mi

Laurence Maslon
Make someone happy and enjoy this ambitious score from Comden/Green/Styne. Do Re Mi was a good old-fashioned show and we'll hear Phil Silvers...
Medium 9f030358fbe22ed82a648db4835b4cb4b797fef0

Becoming Re-Sensitized

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
...de-sensitized to animal suffering happens at a very early age. Though our innate compassion is unfettered and unconditional when we're young, we receive messages that indicate that not only should this...
Medium 7fcafbfd02eb53b2ebf743663cae6794e78ca2b2
Flux : Live on KEXP
...the hooks, and moves on. Her light, airy delivery compliments first person lyrics about love, breakups, and magical matters of the heart. Recorded 11/21/2022. 10:36 Talk Don’t Get The Deal The...
Medium 7fcafbfd02eb53b2ebf743663cae6794e78ca2b2
Flux : Live on KEXP
...bands that helped define the legendary music scene of Chapel Hill in the ‘90s. They recently stopped by KEXP to play songs off their twelfth studio album, Wild Loneliness, released in...
Medium 7fcafbfd02eb53b2ebf743663cae6794e78ca2b2
Flux : Live on KEXP
Chicago’s KAINA makes dreamy indie R&B songs that serve as affirmations of joy for the Guatamalen-Venezuelan artist. She released...
Medium cb3c68be7f762c051c5be9457d85b676ea3b208a

Seagrass [Re-issue]

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Flux : Off Track
Understanding the power of seagrass in a research laboratory 18m under the sea.
Medium 74cf0843015a43aaec620fbbb2eab807cc7922a1
Flux : blazpodcast
...khách hàng về thiết bị Rất nhiều khách hàng từng sử dụng flycam của nhà Flycamgiare.vn đều đánh giá cao, tuy giá thành “hạt dẻ” nhưng chất lượng thuộc hàng “top”. ...
Medium a9cab8935784c5c6edf9acdc648211251dde7357

MBMBaM 611: Re-Pumba’d

shows@mbmbam.com (Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy)
...the bits on hold for a moment to do some inner digging and analyze your dreams. What does a sealion mean to you? No, not THAT. Surely not that. Dream interpretation...
Medium 7fcafbfd02eb53b2ebf743663cae6794e78ca2b2
Flux : Live on KEXP
...for over a decade now, blending 90s pop, vintage UK house and garage, electronic and progressive hip-hop for a unique and sensual sound. During her in-studio session for KEXP earlier this...
Medium 7fcafbfd02eb53b2ebf743663cae6794e78ca2b2
Flux : Live on KEXP
...Hania Rani. The Polish pianist’s latest album, 'On Giacometti,' is out February 2023 on Gondwana Records.  She continues to expand on her film score ambient classical atmospherics, using electronics and her...
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