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Animal Words with No Animal Origins

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
...In today's episode, I offer up the backstory to words such as piggyback, monkey wrench, round robin , and spelling bee.  Thanks for supporting Food for Thought.  Music by Gosta Berling.
Medium 41a23bed17e2bcfcdd92f4d19c098b59f983387d
Medium e7461e52a55feabacf4e343b197a65d8c715739a

Jul's Progkast - 4

Jul's Progkast - Progressive Rock Podcast
Flux : Progkast
Medium e9d0d5e33e319f1b11b93d86e3221ed43242dcf2

Tyson vs Douglas - The Biggest Upset In Boxing History

talkisjericho@gmail.com (Chris Jericho, Johnny Sig, Mike Tyson, Buster Douglas)
Medium 81ec82b789350af8870a65d04505c21bec78b765

Swamp Jacuzzi Episode 81

DJ Biggie Boutte'
Flux : Swamp Jacuzzi
Gin Gillette- Train To Satanville LaVern Baker- Voodoo Voodoo Round Robin - I'm A Wolfman Dusty Springfield- Spooky Eartha Kitt- I'd Rather Be Burned As A...
Medium 3d454ac40315afe6631801455cd1817518f14c9a

#325 - Hayley Atwell

Empire Magazine
Medium e7f0abf26344c382b35ae598278021f4315b34f0
Flux : Alt.Latino
Medium faf37cccf3f69b19332ba29c494cc4ade7238a7b
Medium e6a719a776083b1a94ee0f55bff1d66f48da7ed7
...something about global fears of class slippage and economic ruin, and the team does a round robin on issues in the news: Saudi kill teams, Syrian chaos, and the end of the...
Medium f95457064fd0a87f1919898fd99620571a4c9abc
...sit down and within seconds are into another one of their long form, in depth round robin conversations covering most topics in the world and even including music! Added to which you...
Medium e2c95ab61caa1b3add49c67f9bd28f588ef9005d

The Third Foot: Wimbledon (Bonus Episode)

Hosted by Ben Van der Velde and Barry McStay
Medium 9eb6cd0f1c9c48c0f8e354dce8c827734df0daf6

RRU 113: Typed Functional Programming in TypeScript with fp-ts with Robin Pokorny

Carl Mungazi, Jack Herrington , Paige Niedringhaus, TJ VanToll
Medium 16c8e7b04c088f0f332273e5648323c0f5da0592
...for Eon Altar – which fuses tabletop role-playing with a couch co-op. Also smartphones. Robot Round Robin – the gamified survey they use to test their speech-to-text algorithms How games give inspiration...
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