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JD Simo

Craig Garber
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A Fun Chat w/ JD Simo

Blake Wyland & Sound Talent Media
Here is a real treat for your ears!!! JD Simo is an incredible guitarist doing some really amazing stuff in Nashville, TN. You definitely are...
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...vintage instruments of assault and is not afraid to use them, please welcome Mr JD Simo. Enjoy and Thanks for Listening, Jeff & Mick.
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JD Simo, the American Blues guitar player born in Chicago and now in Nashville presents his latest...
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J.D. Simo from the band Simo joins us for an in depth conversation on Intention, Music, Guitars,...
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Tone Moment Archive Episode with JD Simo
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100th Episode Featuring- Johnny Hiland, Paul Reed Smith, JD Simo, Greg Koch, Scott Henderson, Sonny Landreth, Greg Martin, Gary Hoey, Eric Gales and many more...
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...of unique guitar playing and tunes from his most recent release "Jenga" Plus music from- Simo, Travis Bowman and updates on the next Guitar Radio Show Giveaway with Life Blood Picks....
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...know facts about the band, recording and release. Featured Loudini Artists: Burned, Lance Lopez and Simo
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The Rich Rock Star Myth...BUSTED!

...Gagliardi (Foreigner Bassist) and Robert Harrell (3 Doors Down Bassist) This week featured Loudini artists Simo, The Fumes, and King Mug. All this and Pittsburgh Kevin!
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...trio of Houle, Hawkins & Eisenstadt, and Brazilian vibes out of Montreal for guitarist Rodrigo Simoes. Recent releases from pianist Helen Sung, tenor Cory Weeds’ Big Band and classic material from...
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...be) 4 - Galantis - Smile (Max Elto remix) 5 - Tom Swoon, Paris & Simo - Wait 6 - Swanky Tunes - Fix Me 7 - Bobby Rock, Cimo Frankel...
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Errol Linton - Sad & Lonesome (Radio Edit) JD Simo - Love Kirk Fletcher - No Place To Go Billy Walton Band - Cortez The...
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...The Wreck – Tired of drinking alone -Last Light On The Highway - 2020 JD Simo – Sweet little angel - Off At 11 – 2019 Sari Schorr – King of...
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