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Why Marco sold The Magazine. Teasing apps before they're out, building hype, and Pit Pass. Tim Cook at AllThingsD. Cook's presence and speaking style. What Cook implicitly said about future Apple products....
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Songs of Fox Hollow on Coffee, Country & Cody

WSM Radio / Opry Entertainment Group
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Happiness Period

Chris Hardwick
...he is feeling since his recent physical and Chris talks about meeting Kelsey Grammer and Tim Cook . They then get in a debate about self-driving cars, they talk about what they...
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Pay the Price, with Steven Adjei

Southwestern Family of Podcasts
...face and 4 types of legacy you can leave, lessons from Jimmy Carter, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook , Elizabeth Holmes, and Jeffrey Epstein, the huge gap between the medical and business fields,...
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Metaphysical Connection Paranormal News Of The Week January 12th, 2019

Eric Renderking Fisk / The Fedora Chronicles Network
Jason and Eric roll out the first podcast talking about Tim Cook from Apple introducing iSuppository - a device that will help monitor your health that's tied...
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...cartridges have bitter taste Mavala Stop nail polish Ending theme by Jonathan Mann Post-show: Decoding Tim Cook 's shareholder-meeting remarks MKBHD: Dear Apple! (2017) Sponsored by: Casper: An obsessively engineered mattress at...
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Oh, the Mundanity

Ten Seven Ten
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Flux : The Feast
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...Tsai’s write-up Clean room GNUstep ApplicationKit Kotlin Arial New York Geneva San Francisco Swing POSIX Tim Cook Interview with Kara Swisher Overcast link Dithering (see the 7 April episode) Upgrade #346: Float...
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