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On this episode I remember Wendy O Williams who died on this day in 1998. Also Show reviews of Cheap Trick, Zebra, Supersuckers...
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...against KISS alumni such as Ace Frehley and Vinnie Vincent? Which track originated on a Wendy O Williams solo album? What makes 'Reason To Live' not only Rob's favourite track on the album...
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Ep. 148 Heidi Shepherd (Butcher Babies)

Joshua Toomey / Heidi Shepherd
Flux : Talk Toomey
...from cover band to one of the most rising bands in metal. We talk about Wendy O Williams and the famed nipple tape. We also discuss our love of Garth Brooks. Heidi and...
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Old Tricks | BEB 343

Black-Eyed N Blues
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...antics, taped-up nipples, microphones made out of bloody butcher knives, love of late Plasmatics frontwoman Wendy O Williams , and their new studio album "Take It Like A Man" to TIJ! Carla's also...
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