Medium f95457064fd0a87f1919898fd99620571a4c9abc
...In this chat I got to sit down and really get into to it with Atheist funder and main man the one and only Kelly Shaefer. No topic is off limits...
Medium 249de108f89a7a0976b4286882d3cbdabdb95461
The Pope says atheists can get to Heaven if they're good people. A man askes judge permission to settle...
Medium 4b1453e768b34448ae6959f744ec769e98bb59aa
Flux : Nerd Out Loud
Medium 2a763dced3310681411c2c755e3b43e881350a28
Medium 747ae5793986e71ec23a66ea1985b189d3f33654
Gruff Rhys - Post Apocalypse Christmas - from the 2011 EP Atheist Xmas on Wichita Recordings.
Medium 747ae5793986e71ec23a66ea1985b189d3f33654
Gruff Rhys - Post Apocalypse Christmas - from the 2011 EP Atheist Xmas on Wichita Recordings.
Medium e100b4706ecb529bff9238cde0c9c8e51d2a7d41
Flux : To the Point
What are the risks of keeping the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant open? And an atheist and Muslim agree on what happens when people find religion through politics.
Medium 8ae4dbe76c4a7365aa76276a5335870506c03185
In this presentation given at Atheists United, Ross extols the benefits of intellectually consistent cherry picking and details some of the...
Medium e506074fb671a73612092f3bdfe2751595701031

Ross and Carrie Meet Brian!

shows@maximumfun.org (Ross and Carrie)
...Keith Dalton about his Mormon upbringing, leaving the faith, and his life today as an atheist. Learn about Brian's special underwear, a top-secret handshake, and how he handles a bad hair...
Medium b6261d955184bf439ae4ec7c6295eae4595aa99e

The New Meaning of Christmas – Laser Time #422

lasertimeshow@gmail.com (Laser Time)
Flux : Laser Time
Are you a hardened atheist or Holiday cynic who sees no value in Christmas? Well, what about your favorite Christmas...
Medium f55eff676f93c0fe300cb2fbdf5b0787fd767269
A Christian foodie, a Krishna handyman, and an atheist Jew flamingo walk into a bar. [Rev Ray Cannata][link1] takes on every restaurant in New...
Medium 0bc7c21211b62f5175e469f1e5d9fec57f722f09
Is Buddhism an atheistic religion? Does it believe in a God? And what do Buddhists worship? Ajahn Brahm takes...
Medium 6614bd4a0f746f785b00ccc43477270a7d407910

Tara Platt

shows@maximumfun.org (Maximum Fun)
...always rise to the top of the popularity heap in her youth as a practical atheist during her family’s many ramblings. Figure out where your own safety nets lie as Tara...
Medium 2b8e4ab0edfd6aecd4a0eadcde75e21e23e62d4a

Halloween Special: Secrets Of The Afterlife with Josh Gates

talkisjericho@gmail.com (Chris Jericho )
...Amazon jungle to try their hallucinogenic method of communing with the dead, he spoke with atheist Penn Teller, visited psychic Chip Coffey, and interviewed Deepak Chopra! And Josh is sharing those...
Medium b67577ed7a70c4d58157b398d08efeaaf9f05fd8
Flux : Vinland Radio
...3 Ceremony of Silence - Trance of Void 4 Stonecast - Goddess of Rain 5 Atheist - Your Life Retribution 6 Fleshgod Apocalypse - Carnivorous Lamb 7 Kuturlat - Morbid Feelings...
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