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Join me as I look back at The Beatles invading America during their first U.S. visit back in February 9 1964. We will play some...
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...and a few more. So here we go with these very rare relics of the Beatles from other people. Intro: Let It Be-The New World Electronic Ensemble 1. Love Me Do-Dave...
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Hello Beatlenteers.... On this episode of Basement Beatles, we are going to play bands that have covered Beatle songs from all over the...
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And a jolly hello to all you fans of the Beatles..... Today we have a fresh new show of solo songs from the solo Beatle lp's...
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...it's about time, and were back again to post another new show for our special Beatles series. This one is Beatles solo songs. Various songs from the solo albums from John,...
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Hello all Beatleteers FAN GEER...GEER FAB LUV... It's that time again to post a new Beatles show sorry for the long pause in time.  But it's time to celebrate the Christmas...
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...Byrd and a few more. So here we go with the lighter side of the Beatles. Intro: Let It Be-The New World Electric Ensemble  1. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band...
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...Today on the New series of our adventures into the world and music of the Beatles....and beyond.....we have a very interesting experiment we cooked up. Yes were going to play through...
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...show of our New Beatle series. Today we will play the American lp called: The Beatles Second Album all the way through ... just done by other artists covering the Beatle...
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...For the people who have any Beatle lp most people would start with (Meet The Beatles LP). Well we have that lp to play for you.....BUT....We will feature the songs from...
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Pat Francis
Flux : Rock Solid
Pat plays songs submitted by our Patreon supporters that are reminiscent of The Beatles or... "Beatle-Esque." This topic was suggested by Patreon supporter John Logsdon and... Curt Paine (read...
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NOT The Beatles

Pat Francis
Flux : Rock Solid
Tired of all those amazing Beatles songs sung by The Beatles? Good because Pat and Mike are about to play a...
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Rock and/or Roll
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Without The Beatles

Slate Podcasts
This month, Hit Parade explores the legacy of songs by The Beatles topping the charts...without The Beatles. This is the story of how a discarded Beatles song,...
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Beatles Night 2019

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